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    https://proofcore.io/forums/topic/6334-troubleshooting-support-help/ if you need anymore help join the discord and make a ticket.
  2. you will most likely need a hwid reset make a ticket if you get the error.
  3. i legit replied to you on this post saying to make a ticket and wait it can take up to 24 hours wait dont spam make posts it wont go any faster wait like everyone else.
  4. Memes


    like i said above make a ticket and wait for a reply
  5. Memes


    no make a ticket like everyone else it happens to them on their first time due to security reasons
  6. best to try is make a fresh apex account and play till level 10 if you hit level and dont get banned your not hwid banned if you get banned after you hit level 10 your most likely are.
  7. Memes


    make a hwid reset ticket here --> https://proofcore.io/forums/support/
  8. we currently don't support 22h2 so yes 21h2 will work fine anything 2004 and up should work
  9. we support windows 11 yes but we dont support 22h2
  10. no we only support steam
  11. apex is currently being tested by a few customers and staff no eta when it will be open to the public.
  12. doubt you will get banned we have been ud for 2 years but one suggestion is to raid-0 if you some how get banned but i wouldn't really worry about it cheat might be hwid locked doesn't mean you cant use a spoofer / raid-0 with the cheat.
  13. have you ever used dragon its a pretty good rust software

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