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  2. 是这样的,我前天在这里买了PUBG的这个CHEATS,然后装了WIN10的2004版,用两个号玩了一个下午,但是两个号都被开发者封禁了,这里有用这个的中国人吗?你们有出现这个情况吗?还有这个论坛的客服支持中文服务吗?我刚重装了WIN10 1909并更新到了20H2版本,不知道支持这个版本吗?有哪位兄弟知道的说说
  3. +rep quick responses and really easy to purchase from without any issues
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  5. Moin und Grüße aus dem schönen Hamburg
  6. Death's Dance


    Hi hazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my name is dd
  7. Last week
  8. Will the ARMA 3 aimbot work on AI?
  9. Wait for Mar1k to respond, if he does not respond try sending a 2nd message, its best to contact him on Discord
  10. i want to buy cheat but no one is active to trade, i contacted mark but he didn't reply and i want to buy by visa card, how to pay?, many thank
  11. Giuseppe 33 Italia patate in busta
  12. can i buy DAYZ without renewing the payment?
  13. Hello, I get this error message I have already done what is written in the description, it still doesn't work, I hope you can help me
  14. I want to buy, DAYZ 7 days, I can only pay with mastercard, but I can't find how to do it, who explains to me or sends me a link, for mastercard payment, I contacted Mar1k, but he doesn't answer.
  15. please help me 

    The invoice hasn't been paid in full. Please send another transaction to cover amount Due.
    Order Amount
    0.00105955 BTC
    $49.99 (USD)
    Already Paid
    -0.00105400 BTC
    0.00000555 BTC
    1. bigcrusader


      never mind i paid 0.000471 more which is the lowest $22

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