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  4. 本人出售所有可改可排500级包赔号大号小号皮肤号都有 有兴趣的可以加我微信同号QQ664992950
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  6. My Final Conclusion about Proofcore: - Cheat is stable, not the best not the worst- Check - Support, is not the best, 2 days also after an Update Cheat is not rly working, Status of the Cheat not Updated also - So u notice it when U inject 😉. Some specific Supporter cant deal with any mixed Review about the Chair also... Also u get randomly muted, cause he cant deal with the Review. Would I recommend atm Proofcore Apex? Yes and No. Chair itself yes, Support of the chair big no
  7. Why the registration of a new person shows that it has not passed the security check
  8. Explicit


    These are old reviews I don’t see recent ones just asking because I don’t want to get it and be casual with it and get banned a hour later.
  9. Xenos


    Yes, feel free to read our customer feedback on our elitepvpers thread. https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/dayz-trading/4871965-proofcore-dayz-cheat-private-aimbot-esp-misc-1-year-undetected.html Undetected since 2020.
  10. Since you never purchased a Warzone 2 cheat from us I assume the cheat you use is probably detected. Dont play with a cheat or get ProofCore 🙂
  11. Explicit


    Is it really good and undetectable
  12. Hey, Just wondering if anyone could help me , i've been playing warzone 2 and so far ive played maybe 6 or 7 games and i've been shadowbanned twice in a week? I get 4 or 5 kills a game and dont understand what triggers it , wondering if anyone one knows what causes this ? , im not pre aiming , i dont use aimbot but i do use esp , i also dont stare at enemies through walls
  13. Ye you can run spoofer to obtain ban for you device. And just run another account. For detect status and history check status channel.
  14. I've been using ARK and APEX cheat for a few days. Since ARK is using battleeye and APEX using easy-anti-cheat , i dont kown if there will be interference in your situation , probaly not cause you can only load a single cheat at the same time. For ark cheat, yes it works on unofficial BE servers. I never use cheat with my main account, but i got to say the ark cheat is stable and undetected, though the feature is much simpler compara to other ark cheat.
  15. hey everyone, i know that the apex cheat is undetected, but would you recommend running it with a hwid spoofer? if so is there one youd recommend?
  16. Performance Will stay the same We won't change our renderer unless It gets detected. Aimbot Target Box is useful and looks smooth. Item ESP won't be added back Cuz It causes game crashes ( Dev might draw items with our renderer but It'll cause performance issues ) We offer a fully undetected Spoofer that doesn't cause any issues and our UD Status is good compared to other providers. Aimbot Prediction Works fine and highly humanized due to Cerberus & other server-side ac's on Apex It won't be Changed. Trigger won't be added Cheat is External It won't be Stable. We won't throw an undetected cheat away just because Game performance is bad. And Dev doesn't think about adding new features he's currently working on other products but feel free to request new Features here: https://proofcore.io/forums/topic/995-feature-suggestions/ Overall: We won't add features that can get our users banned by Server - Side AC's Proofcore is more focused on Security Than Game Performance If you prefer Cheat Performance over Security I'd suggest you to Buy Internal products that consantly get detected or Other public products on sites like Epvp, High minded and ownedcore.
  17. Update on my Review: So Skeletons and HWID spoofer are good. Issues that persist on the Cheat: - Performance - FPS (legit 12600k + 3060ti = -80-100fps on 300m ESP). - Aimbot targeting Box ? Why is this even a thing. - Features are compared to other chairs that are UD (equal time of Proofcore UD Status) bad. - Item ESP got removed (not fixed removed). - Prediction is legit bad overall no use to use it, worst compared to other externals Hope Proofcore works on stuff like Performance, features - trigger and rework their render system so they can add features ^^
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  20. Well First of all Most of our Products are "External" Meaning we draw an overlay outside of the game That's why It can look less smoother compared to "Internal" Products Which Inject Directly Into Game, Even though Our cheats are External We do have Feature Called " Throttle " Which makes cheat use more of your pc's component's but makes it Smoother On the video's you've seen I was using it on default which is 35 It honestly didn't bother me that much, If you decide to buy our cheats and prefer Cheat Performance over Game Performance You can set it to 0 for Best Cheat Performance Here is an Example Video of how it works: ( Feel Free to ask Anything else under this thread )
  21. Hey y'all, very interested in purchasing the Arma 3 software but from the few videos I've seen, it looks like the ESP is a little buggy or delayed? I'm very interested to know if that affects fps, how much the delay is or if it affects the aimbot in any way! Thanks for your time!
  22. Hey i have question, that dayz cheat is good for legit playing on main acc? i mean i know all cheaters rule (do not cheat on account that you not want to lose) but im just asking. I'm looking for a cheat where safety comes first and i will be able to cheat on my account without being scared every time. btw that 20% cc fee is crazy asf
  23. Same lol. At first my photos was in the wrong format but resubmitted 17 hours ago lol.
  24. Hey guys so was thinking about using the ark cheat, just had a few questions. Should i be good to use my main? Has there been any detections or bans? Does it worth even on unoffical servers with battleeye? Also i play other games like pubg, would this cheat interfere at all with other battleeye games? Just would like a little knowledge before going in and using this. I am a bit of noob when it comes to these things.
  25. So windows 11 22h is supported , aka the latest update ?
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