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  2. Well Xenforo 2 has many good things as well now so it's hard to say which one is better. Depends on personal preference actually.
  3. From my looking into the IPB API and everything, it seems like IPB gives you a lot more direct access to the database and internal methods. On the other hand Xenforo and CMS's like Wordpress seem to have a "the developer/user is a toddler" kind of perspective. I still have yet to try out IPB or the IPS community suite for that matter but might I say that it looks quite nice out of the box.
  4. The old Xenforo was shit compared to IPB4. Developing for IPB was so much easier but I gotta admit that Xenforo 2 became quite good as well. The only stuff I don't like is how easy you can fuck up IPB if you don't know what you are doing.
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  6. Hey! This is more of a question for the devs of the site, I like to learn about why different sites and niches choose their CMS's. I've noticed a lot of cheat sites (mostly private) use IPS and was curious as to why. I come from managing Minecraft forums and pretty much all of em used Xenforo so im just curious as to why IPS works for you. Thanks devs!
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  9. Hey Smelly, Yes it works on modded servers. Every renewal has to be done manually so you won't be charged after your subscription ran out. The cheat is currently undetected and safe to use. However, a detection or manual ban may happen at any time. You could try to play as legit as possible by not looking at anybody through walls and such stuff. Just imagine you'd spectate yourself and think about how suspicious your actions are. That will only help against manual bans tho. The cheat might decrease your game's performance depending on your settings (e.g. ESP range and amount of items/players the ESP is currently drawing). This depends on your hardware tho so it's kinda hard to predict if it will affect you. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
  10. Am I capable of playing modded servers while using the DayZ hack? I play on a modded server through DZSA launcher and would like to continue playing on that server while using the hack. Will the hack auto-renew if I want to just use it for a week? Is the hack hidden from Battleye? Are there things I can do with the hack that will increase my chances of a ban? Will the hack decrease my performance of the game? I can only run the game at very medium quality and am wondering if my FPS will drop significantly with the use of the hack.
  11. Всем Привет Кто То Юзал На Арма 3 Как Вам Продукт?
  12. Have not heard anything, there is currently no ETA on when Hunt:Showdown will return, make sure to join the discord as most of our updates are announced over there
  13. been a while since i red from the Hunt Hack, is someone working on it? Can we expect it in the near future? Cheers mates!
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    1. Mako


      No Problem, anytime I atleast got to see your huge juicy long cock

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  16. @Stenyu Hello there, I have been using the siege cheat for nearly a week now, and I have to say the performance is very stable not once have I occurred a performance drop and I don’t have the best of a pc. I have had like 2 BSOD in the timeframe of me playing for me it’s rare. To help with that close as manny applications when using the cheat, but I haven’t really gotten any issues. 100% buy the cheat the product is worth the money! Hope this help have a good day
  17. Hey WujuTilt, the renewing process changes depending on the payment method you wanna use. But in general, the days should add up, yes. Our store currently only supports BTC payments, if that's okay for you go to the manage purchases page (https://proofcore.io/forums/clients/purchases/) and follow the instructions of the orange box. If you want to pay through anything else contact one of our resellers. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
  18. Thank you for this great review. Glad you are enjoying the cheat!
  19. AIMBOT 9/10 it is complete and works very well, for my playstyle which is aggressive the lock works very well, the silent I have a feeling sometimes that it misses, for the rest it's good ESP 8.5/10 Esp I have a feeling that 2,3 ranked after playing the box removes a little bit from the player, for the chams they are very good, for the distance too, for life we only have the bar if it would be possible to put the player's hp but it works very well too MISC & WEAPON 10/10 I have nothing to say everything is good the no recoil works very well, the spread too, for the speed hack I advise you to put it at 1.60 / 1.70 it will not rollback MY OPINION my sub ends in a week I started with closet / legit after my first week I have semi / rage I still haven't been ban, overall, even if it is a bit expensive but it is not detected after 1 week as some cheat features that offer are very good (even if the no clip disappeared) you can be assured that by buying Proofcore, you buy the best on the market thank you proofcore for the great work,do i will have to buy another sub (sorry if you don't all understand my english is broken)
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    1. Mako


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  21. You should have no issues here. Even if there is a detection at some point, Darky is always quick to fix things.
  22. Thank you all for the messages. I am a discreet player with cheats. I always had ban by detection of the cheat ...
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