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  4. Grew up in a busy city in The Netherlands, so you bet your ass I'm into hardcore.
  5. Be sure to actually sign out from the user pannel (account settings -> overview -> configure). If that still doesn't work I suggest you wait for a staff member to help you out
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  7. i switched my discord acc because i couldn't log into my previous one, i went into acc settings and changed it to my new discord on this site, but the PC discord is not showing
  8. I'm waiting for the new computer. I'm waiting for the computer to arrive. Cheating in purchasing pubg
  9. Just checking up on all u how have you all been ?
  10. https://proofcore.io/forums/profile/2286-mar1k/
  11. Tried to ask this Warzone hack in other private site before. From what I know, the cheat can be done, but Activision will sue anyone who making the hack. So its not worth it.
  12. So far I know there is no reseller for this cheat
  13. hey bro hows it going was trying to purchase apex with paypal 

  14. Name Lewis Age 19 Country you live in America I recently just moved to the US from england. i really like the verification system this site adds, its like a middle ground for public and private cheats, security is everything in a cheat to me and this site seems to have it, plus i see a few people from other cheat websites here
  15. none of our cheats supports version 2004
  16. Hello I currently have windows version 2004 dayz cheat support 2004?
  17. Hi Mark, Can i pay via Paypal - all the options on this site dont seem to work via Chase / US.

  18. Because I heard my friend say that before, so I took it seriously,I'm sorry again for my misunderstanding Because I heard my friend say that before, so I took it seriously,I'm sorry again for my misunderstanding
  19. DayZ is still being tested. When it is ready for release it will be announced.
  20. Hey guys just curious when the dayz cheat is comming back online ?! Its been toooo long!
  21. No, as you were told in the chat box, it's not true. Yes, some people need to re-verify and that can be due to various reasons, such as, the ID we have on file has expired or the type of ID is not supported by our verification system - it's rare but can happen, if it does, just apply again and we'll run it through verification. We currently have verified Chinese members and Chinese customers.
  22. when re-do application? Is it true that all Chinese who have passed the application are disqualified?
  23. 之前所有通过申请的中国人,都被取消了资格,瘟疫之源,没办法,唉,受歧视了
  24. 这是我第二个号了 还是不行 是不是针对我
  25. 所有中国之前通过审核的人都被取消掉了,看来是看不起瘟疫之源啊
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