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  3. So one day I was out running about minding my own business when I got the 'magic bullet' from a fellow cheater (I doubt he's on here though). Having lost two additional alts I was finally able to retaliate and got a doulbe kill on the guy who originally murdered me as well as his boyfriend. They were carrying my guns so I'm sure I got the right guys. Shortly after I discovered their base which turned out to be a hoarder's nest (like 50 crates and barrels all filled to the brim with each and every kind of loot). The following screenshots show the base in various stages of, it was so satisfying to raze it to the ground.
  4. I've used the cheat on all of my accounts (which is more than three, btw) and, well...let's just say, BattleEye is the least of your concerns. If you do get banned, it's your IP address that gives you away - so any alt accounts that shared it will be affected no matter whether they used the cheat or not.
  5. I recently tried out a heavily modded Namalsk server and the ridiculously over-complicated mod items showed up as 'grey' (default) which is the color used for undefined items as well as animals. It was somewhat irritating at first but I quickly adapted to reading the actual text instead of the color codes.
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  7. The Pixels are not from the Hack, they are from the Guns (AX50 etc.) which are doing that pixels.
  8. So currently I'm at work (WFH) and soon as i get off I'm buying the DayZ cheat but i own DayZ on my main account as well is there any concerns i should have running the cheats on my alt effecting my main account I'm very sure it won't but don't deal with BattlEye often when cheating.
  9. trolling asylum was fun
  10. #Close request today it worked
  11. Last week
  12. Pulled straight from the FAQ I don’t have an ID card, passport or driver’s license, can I still apply and become “Verified”?Under certain circumstances (for example is a user is very trusted on other cheating-related sites), we might also accept other documents such as a school ID. If you don’t have any documents to verify your identity, we can’t verify you and it’s pointless to post an application.
  13. Hey! Whenever I try to upload pictures to my verification it says an error -200. Also I'd like to know if I can hide every other detalis besides my birthdate, exp. date, photo. So my signiture, ID number, etc. (I read you can hide everything else, just want to make sure) What can I do to make my application upload pictures? Now it says error code 7, and to contact you. Can anybody help?
  14. That sounds interesting never heard of that
  15. Get Steam Accounts with Argentinia Currency ARS$ / Ar Pesos buy Steam Wallet Codes and ur good to go 999 ARS < 9€
  16. So currently I'm attempting to be verified but regardless I'm wondering were you guys save money, is it by either buying accounts with the games on it or buying cd keys from sites? Just wondering if ya'll go out to save money or just go all in and buy it for top dollar wanna see if i can save money on the game and spend more here.
  17. My preference changes I got over 300+ games on steam and other platforms so here's some. -Skyrim -Oblivion -Witcher all of them -State of Decay 1 -Doom 1-3 -Borderlands 2 - Arma 2 DayZ -Runescape old school 2007 -Diablo 2 Many more i just cant remember atm
  18. I thought of my username on the fly my old names on other sites is unknowncuck which is weird so i changed it up.
  19. Id say when i was very young i got tired of shitty anti-cheat and getting dunked on by cheaters so then i started do it myself im a on and off cheater but forever a closet cheater.
  20. Boring game releases making me enjoy working my job more then gaming lol
  21. Dayz hack looks dope like the pixels that bounce around when you shoot.
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