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  4. We're currently undergoing some limited testing, there is no given ETA as to when the DayZ cheat will be back up to purchase, but we assume within a month.
  5. When will the Dayz cheat work? I came to buy it cause im on vacation for a month
  6. Last week
  7. Oh ok ,so no, i play since end afternoon and no issues. Cool i'm luck and be extremly carefully next time. Thank you And for use our , do i need a spoofer or it's the same without please?
  8. If you play on your main and you aren't banned within the first 1-2 games you aren't hwid banned also you don't need a hwid reset....
  9. do i need reset hwid ? im novice, i can try to found information but i'm lost. Thanks
  10. Hi all, can you help me to explain if i can use the cheat for apex. i've had on my alt account a ban. But when i use my main account there is no problem to play. Normally? ban hwid? my question is do i need spoofer or no? thank for your help
  11. Seems like Bohemia did not enjoy your video (or our cheat) lmao
  12. 就按他的拍就行 好简单的
  13. 这网站不会 骗人 他显示没检测就 是在稳
  14. tang chao is dead , you liar. xd
  15. Jun 18 US In the Army, got a 6 IQ pretty much retarded. Mac n cheese be hitting different
  16. Earlier
  17. Hey SanjayKumar, We do not discriminate against anyone because of their origin. I am sorry that you have not been accepted but I hope you understand that we cannot accept every applicant. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
  18. I applied with more than enough evidence to prove I'm legit. I'm 50 years old. Its like I'm not some kid. Don't know what's the grudge against Indians. Chinese and Indians are not the same.
  19. First of all, to those who have been using cheats for a while now and have been banned on different games before, you can ignore this. I made this thread because of how annoying new people can be when it comes to cheating. With the recent rainbow six siege ban wave, a lot of people have been complaining in the discord server and asking for refunds. I'm here to clarify and point out some things to the newfrogs that don't know the risks of cheating, and how most (if not all) cheat providers operate in this community, or whatever you want to call it. - "I got banned using your cheat! I don't want to use it anymore, I want a refund!" If you get banned after using any kind of cheat, you're in no place to ask for a refund. Keep in mind that even if the support/mods tell you its undetected and you still end up getting banned, you still have no right to ask for a refund. Buying/using cheats comes with a risk, and that risk is getting banned. - "But I got banned on my main!!!! I've been grinding on my main account for years, and I spent almost 10000$ on my account! I want compensation!!" No, you will not be compensated. It is no ones fault but your own if you're stupid enough to play on your main for a long time and expect not to get banned. Get an alt, and cheat however you like. No cheat lasts forever, and always expect the unexpected. Like I said, I'm only saying this because of the amount of complaints I've seen on discord. I don't know how such people were accepted. Calling staff scammers, asking for refunds, being rude and annoying and spamming nonsense. People who have never touched a cheat in their life should not be allowed here. And no, I'm not simping or trying to get the staff's favor by writing this. I have been in the same spot before and dealing with such stupidity has never been more frustrating. The staff can choose to remove this thread, or keep it to educate newfrogs. TL;DR, If it's your first time cheating, either have the resolve to deal with a sudden ban, or quit.
  20. If you guys need me just hit my discord up it's Ooh SyLuM#9240
  21. 请问在用的老哥,吃鸡的稳吗,效果咋样
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