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  1. It supports 22h2 but I think you need a hwid rested you can ask for one here: https://proofcore.io/forums/support/
  2. Good to see that mw II is going to have a proofcore cheat.
  3. If you payed with bitcoin it automatically i think. If you bought from a reseller it’s in you mail.
  4. I think the way you want to do it is safe, if you only react when you have seen him. about the steam account I use my main because I don’t have a lot to loos but if you got special items and really don’t want to loos them get a second account. Isn’t really needed in my opinion.
  5. Hello sure, yes apex is still in testing it’s a admin only at the moment (wil release as soon as possible) Pubg is a good cheat you can see at status how long it has been undetected for. But don’t full rage there is a spectator/replay system. the hwid spoofer isn’t need but if you do want to use one proofcore is hwid locked so this wil prevent you from using the software when your hwid is different. I don’t use hwid spoofers just keep in semi legit. hoop this helps you and you got the answer you where looking for. Have a good day
  6. Pubg is free on steam never tried it on a different launcher.
  7. Buy a new pc lmao. Text me in prived I know a good and trussed one. It is a prived so you need to verify.
  8. Hello sure, Apex is still in testing for staff+. They will release it as soon as possible.
  9. Works on all servers even when you use Dayz launcher.
  10. Yes if you change your hwid you need a reset. It’s the best undetected cheat out here but I suggest that you get a pc yourself it will be much easier.
  11. Get verified first. the process is easy to follow and won’t take that long but is needed if you want to use proofcore it’s for the safety (undetected).
  12. Go to the mail copy the code and go to redeem and past it in press enter and you got your product activated. Hoop you get to active it.
  13. N00BY

    Apex Legends

    Looks good, nice video man
  14. You have to contact a reseller. 2.3.1 If you experience issues or aren’t able to pay with the above payment methods, we offer alternative ways to pay that can be found on the store pages as well (“Alternative Payment Methods“). Those allows payments through PayPal & Stripe (20% fee). For even more options, especially local payment methods, please message our Reseller Mar1k through our forum or Discord (Razen#5816) (20% fee). After purchasing, you will receive a key that can be redeemed here: https://proofcore.io/forums/redeem/

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