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  1. Hello sir, make a support ticked and ask for a hwid rest.
  2. I have been a user from 2021 never had any problems. If you ask me proofcore is 100% trusted. And it’s not like windows defender does anything.
  3. FN For Real?? Didnt Know It Still Existed. But The Video Is Good👍
  4. World At War They Could Get On Spots A Normal Player Coudnt Get So I Strated Hacking There And Then (Only NoClip). The Aimbot And Esp That Came With Raging In R6 Because People Fried Me And Where Flying, Teleporting And Killing Me In Prep So Got Mad And Bought The First Most Detected Peas Of Shit And Got Banned In The First Game Didnt Even Kill Anyone.
  5. I Have To Say I Bought A Pubg Sub Again Because Of Your Video.
  6. Status is updated all the time if it’s undetected it’s undetected.
  7. As far that I know 1-2 weeks.
  8. It’s updating or in testing.

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