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    Hello. The waiting has come to an end. Our cheats for Rainbow Six: Siege, DayZ Standalone and Apex Legends just received huge updates including lots of visual as well as feature changes. Our other games (especially ArmA 3) will receive big updates very soon. Moreover, new games are coming too! User Interface: Mouse menu added Colorchanger added for certain ESP options New font Multiple other visual changes Below you can see our new menu. It looks the same in every game (with different options depending on the features of course)! DayZ Standalone: Player Name ESP added Location ESP added Item ESP filters fixed Speedhack added Below you can see a small showcase of the speedhack. Please keep in mind that this video is not fast-forwarded! Rainbow Six: Siege: Speedhack added SilentAim added Spinbot added Below you can see a small showcase of silentaim & the spinbot! Apex Legends: Aimbot "random flicks" fixed Glow/Outlines added Below you can see how the glow ESP looks ingame! ArmA 3: No update yet but coming very soon. A lot of features from the previous (internal) version will come back probably, a script executor is being worked on as well. In case anyone reads this: More news regarding payments, the website, new cheats and discounts (yes, you heard right) coming very shortly! And please #staythefuckhome
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    Version 3.83


    Read this for usage instructions: How To RAR archive password: proofcore
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    Minding my own business looting (Only use ESP for locating/avoiding malicious players) and some preteen dweeb comes up on me and starts trying to attack me. I noticed him in advance because of the ESP. Anyway I scale a crane and he approaches the base of it, talking a lot of shit to me. I use the 'middle finger' emote and turn around to make him think I'm ignoring him. As soon as I do, he climbs the crane, but I'm ready and waiting. Almost as soon as he gets to the top, we start duking it out, eventually knocking each other out. I come to, first; grab his shovel and wait for him to regain himself. As soon as he does I wack him on the back of the head(ish) and he falls to his death. 10/10 - will continue to use Proofcore to ensure no one fucks with me or my companions in the future.
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    Howdy everyone so ive said fuck it cause im bored so im doing a 1 week giveaway to any of the provided cheats. To enter this giveaway please do the following -give me a reason why you should win -leave your discord - dont be fruity ;) Winner will be annouced on my yt (xenxc) on either this saturday and/or this sunday (I will also be streaming the results so people dont think i have rigged this) So have fun and best of luck
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    You know nothing of how business works and you don't know what is at play. Just sit and think about it for one second... how do you think Banek is making money? If what you're saying is true then the owners must give him a large discount to equalize the price(there can be fees associated with payment methods as well, you have to take account for this). Either that or he doesn't make a lot of money off of the subs he sells, but I'll go with the later. Funny thing is that we have a business to run so we can't just give resellers massive discounts because we have to make money too. I'm not sure what you don't get about that...
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    I am quite curious as to what people have in their PCs. I know there is another topic like this but it seems dead and I hope that maybe this one will get a couple more replies. Pics are not needed ofc but I am sure everyone likes seeing PCs online, whether or not they are high-end or on the cheaper side. Seeing as I started the thread, I should go first: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B450-E RAM: 32GB Corsair and HyperX 3600MHz ( Corsair was from old PC and only works with the new MOBO and CPU if I used the HyperX RAM, lol) GPU: Sapphire Vega64 Nitro+ Storage: 250GB SSD for OS(s) 1TB HDD for Software and most of my games 1TB SSD for games that I play a lot ( Destiny2, Conan Exiles, WoW, etc) 10TB external HDD for photos, videos, phone backups, etc 1TB external SSD mainly used for my MacBook but also a a way of transfering large files such a videos between PC and Mac PSU: 750W EVGA PSU Monitors: 2x 27inch Curved Samsung 1080p 60HZ monitors ( fuck if I remember the model ) Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V2 Chroma Mouse: Steelseries Rival 100 (PC) and Razer Naga ( MacBook) Headset: HyperX Cloud Revolver X VR: Oculus Rift
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    Hey guys I have been using the DayZ SA cheat for just about a week now. What i can say is: This is one of the BEST cheats ever produced and i mean it. The fact that i have rage killed and been pretty blatant and still haven't been banned is amazing. Proofcore offers one of the best undetectable cheats out there. Silent aim along with ESP is amazing. I would love to keep buying and using this cheat more and more. The admins and moderators are always there to help and always make me happy with their wise, helpful comments. ALL in ALL Proofcore provides a safe, true experience cheating community and along with the DayZ cheat..Its ONE OF THE BEST i recommend 10/10
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    ZookeMike's DayZ Review : Currently 1 Month usage. Hello, I am writing my review for the DayZ cheat available on proofcore, i will go into some detail on each feature that i have been using and utilizing after the past month playing this game and hopefully it will give users a good state of mind when deciding whether or not this cheat is the right one for them, EVERYTHING stated in my review is 100% honest and I am in no way affiliated with or influenced by proofcore to make this review, I have decided to by myself due to my experience with the cheat, Anyways below i will seperate into each category/feature and rate them out of 10. PLAYER ESP : 9/10 Theres really not much to say really, it works exactly as intended, it gives you the exact distance which is very helpful, you can pretty much go the whole time unoticed and avoid all contact if necessary or even go full on aggressive and kill everyone you come across if you so please. My playstyle has been very passive so i mainly use it to avoid uneccessary attention to avoid being banned, but you can choose to do so however you please. I give this a 9/10 as it does exactly what you need, its easy to use and self explanatory, I have two issues which are very minor, The first being lack of customization, I like to keep my esp as least cluttered as possible, by this i mean the least amount of overlay as possible (for example, just a distance ESP so i dont have a big box covering half the area, this way its easier to keep things as legit looking as possible, and #1 Sometimes its not an exact location (when within a certain distance and aiming down a scope) it feels slightly out of line but of course you can manually see them anyways ( i usually flick it off to see a little better) Other than that its perfect. AIMBOT/SILENT AIM : 9/10 Again, I think this feature is amazing, and I love the fact it works on players and Zombies, it works flawlessly in most situations, depending on where you are sometimes the bullets wont penetrate through certain walls within certain buildings, but other than that its perfect and so easy to use. The reason I give this a 9/10 is because I would like the ability to maybe just have an actual aimbot rather than a silent aim to use on players (just to avoid being too obvious) as theres been times ive shot people through walls around corners and what not due to my slow reaction times and trying to play as legit as possible, but if you want to go full on rage mode, this is a dream come true, destroy everyone and anyone with ease ITEM ESP: 7/10 Although the item ESP works really well there are somethings i have issues with it. The first being is too much clutter in the high loot areas, such as tisy, balota, and other airfields and big cities, Especially when playing on modded servers with new items/mods. Even if you disable all the seperate categories of items you will still face a lot of clutter just having the item esp selected. I would Suggest having another option allowing to filter through specific items, maybe a configuration file that you can edit before running the cheat to choose what you want to see. One other issue would be Blue screening when you select inventory item. I understand this is unavoidable in some cases but it would be nice to be able to use it from time to time. But yeah as stated as above this is why i give it a 7/10 due to the lack of customization and the amount of clutter it can cause when looting, Also some items dont always show, like ammo boxes. And a few others VEHICLE and ANIMAL ESP: 9/10 Again, not much to be said, works perfectly, I would give this a 10/10 If animal esp and car esp was seperated into two different options. Thats just me though. STABILITY: 8/10 Although the cheat is very stable, you do kind of have a big blue screen issue, You can play a few hours without anything happening but with long use of this cheat you will bluescreen, Usually You bluescreen when leaving/closing the game down but sometimes you can bluescreen during gameplay, this becomes a nuisance if it happens at the wrong moment. But other than that the cheat works perfectly fine and i have not got much of an issue. So 8/10 is my verdict SECURITY: 9/10 The security of this cheat is amazing for me thus far, No bans, no issues, no nothing. Although i keep my playstyle far from aggressive and raging, i still use the silent aim, make some things a little obvious, but yet to be banned, which is amazing, I give this a 9/10 and not 10/10 as ive only played for a month, this will change if i dont get banned within a little longer. EASE OF USE/USABILITY: 10/10 Not much to say, so easy to use, injection process is so straight forward, all options are self explanatory, just get your own style, use your favorite options and its all youll ever need. Perfect PRICE: 8.5/10 This is debatable and your own personal opinion, I think it is worth the money, but because it lacks some of the features i would like to be implemented above i give it 8.5, I can totally see why the price is at what its at, but with a few additional tweaks/changes I could totally justify the entire price and recommend without any issues to anyone OVERALL: 8.5/10 Not perfect, but not far from it, I have enjoyed this cheat throughout my first month, and i would recommend it if you are looking for a DayZ cheat, do not hesitate when you buy. you will not be dissapointed, All in all its a really good cheat and works perfectly. I would definitely purchase again Thank you for reading my review, hopefully it was good and indepth and has given some of you the required information you were after
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    The sexual relationship between a Taurus and a Leo can be in a way exhausting for both of them. This is mostly due to the fact that they can both be lazy. While Taurus likes to lie down and enjoy being loved, Leo likes to lie down and be served and taken care of. It is in the nature of both signs to spend time in a horizontal position and it might be hard for them to agree on who is to be on top. When motivated, they can both be excellent lovers that put a lot of energy into their sexual activities, but with one another, their sex life will most likely become a battle for personal satisfaction and rest. Their best possibility of a healthy sex life would be the one where both partners have already built their sexual identity and know how to satisfy themselves. In this case, sensual Taurus would take care of their Leo partner, while passionate Leo would bring excitement into their relationship. In this scenario they would both take care of their own personal needs, aware that they need to commit to their partner’s satisfaction in order for a relationship to work. In general, they are a feminine and a masculine sign, and share a similar need for personal satisfaction. If they don’t end up in a clinch in which they both have expectations and won’t move until they are met, they could have a very rewarding sex life. After all, they are just two different sides of love, joy and life in color.
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    Pulled on me cock and sucked on it well. Would definitely suggest him ravishing you, did a great job and made me his bitch
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    Been using internal and external now for some time, what can i say it works wonders, internal had some problems but me personally never got banned or anything, external works wonders been up for around 3 months now PLAYER ESP: 10/10 The Player ESP works well shows players and their skeleton from around 1098 m away, shows what they have in hands aswell. ITEM ESP: 8/10 The Item-ESP also works as it should. Shows all items in game, would love some more selection from inventory items category, but it works well overall OTHER ESP (CARS, ANIMALS, HELICRASHES 10/10 The Animal/ Car ESP works perfectly all the time shows all cars modded and vanilla same with animals Helicrash ESP Idk Never worked never rly needed one. MURDERMODE/SILENTAIM: 10/10: Works wonders never lets down Leg aim works perfect same with head, you can kill zombies with it aswell BAN, UPTIME, ETC..: 10/10 The Hack was never detected during the time I was using it. No downtime aswell, allways works as it should. The best hack out you cant find anything better atleast for DayZ as far as i know. Staff allways friendly helpful really nice and big community which keeps growing. Will update review later with some photos and a video
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    It helps to keep everything secure and reliable. Which is also why the price is slightly steep too. You're not just paying for the hack, your paying for the brand of quality and security this site provides. I was skeptical at first, but these guys are the real deal. Just visit ElitePvP and look at all the high praise these guys get.
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    Didn't see a forum to do this, but wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. Looking forward to gaming in DayZ and Arma 3 with your piece of art, if/when given the chance. Came here from ElitePvP and gotta say you all get nothing but high praise over there. I'm assuming the slightly steep price is because of how reliable and secure it is as well, which is fantastic considering there are no real dependable hacks out there for DayZ except for you guys. I'm a disabled veteran, so I sit at home most days and tear it up in a lot of different games. I'm also great with after effects, premier, and photoshop, if anyone wants/needs some cool forum bling; it's one of the few creative outlets I have, so it's really no bother either. I quite enjoy it. Anyway, glad to be here and look forward to interacting with you all in the future.
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    So, keep in mind that first of all, this is simply my opinion, yours or other people's can vary wildly from mine and that is perfectly fine and, second of all, while I have not played too much with this cheat, I have used other Apex cheats so I would say that I have a fair bit of experience. ESP 10/10 Well, all I can say about the wall is that it is absolutely perfect. It is clean, everything is easy to see or read, the distance filter is amazing if you want to keep some semblance of being a legit player and the item ESP is simply wonderful <3. Nothing beats the feeling of dropping into a high-tier zone, grabbing some dope gear and then just obliterating everyone. In all fairness, the ESP is all you really need to have an amazing experience. AIMBOT 8.5/10 While the aimbot hits most shots, it does tend to give up on life sometimes. It takes a little bit to get used to it and to find the proper settings but once you do, there is no stopping you. Based on what your weapons are and how you play, you may find that the aimbot works better at certain ranges, for example, I love using it medium to long range. The bullet predict is amazing and lets you hit some absolutely insane shots. Still, it does give up on life sometimes, for example, I was shooting at at guy with a tiny fov then I suddenly find myself doing a 180, shooting a wall (there was nothing behind me) then staring at it for a little bit. CONCLUSION 9/10 Overall, I think that this cheat is defos worth buying. It is safe, powerful, has virtually no impact on performance and is simply the best way to ensure that you win as many matches as possible. Plus, the price is okay. Considering the whole verification thing and the fact that the cheat is semi-public, this is the best deal you can get for an Apex Cheat as of the moment of writing. P.S: I will add some screenshots later.
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    1. does the cheat work on windows 10 build 1909? 2. does the cheat have speedhack still?
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    he's a turk +rep
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    Did not talk to me all day long and only replied to me once, but promised to send me noodez, so I guess its kinda worth it tbh. Rating 100/100 Would definitely lick his armpit hairs and ball hairs
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    Mar1k is doing a great job and is super trustworthy. After you buy from Mar1k it is then the job of Proofcore to get you activated, so please do not spam him in PMs, it will be activated once Proofcore staff are available. Thanks.
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    added him on discord and he got me my cheat in under 5 minutes. and still worked with me even after i was being dumb. 10/10 reseller
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    Messaged him on discord asking to buy the cheat through PayPal got a reply within 1 minute and he ran me through the process and I got my cheats within 5 minutes. Great service overall!
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    Really, it ain't.
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    I am double-jointed and can bend my fingers backwards like I can forwards. I can also get my legs behind my head and do weird stretchy stuff like that.
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    I am very happy with this cheat: Very easy to install and load Clear menu with lots of features for Player ESP, Vehicle ESP and Murder Mode. Each category has lots of configurable options. Would recommend to anyone!
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    Some corona spreading... peace
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    How @FruityZa deals with support requests
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    Glad to see you enjoying our Z1 cheat, hopefully you will resub again and if you have any suggestions for the cheat please feel free to let us know here :
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    10/10 Would recommend him again. Paid him $250 to get support role and he never scammed me!! Great guy, but don't tell anybody please, its our little secret. UwU
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    Alex 17 Romania Chinese food ( God, I love their rice spaghetti or whatever it's made of )
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    Well actually Rainbow 6 Siege and Apex are supported now for 1909, you forgot to mention
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    paid a short while ago, but after speaking with Mar1k I agreed to wait with activation. After a few chats and following some instructions he was easy to deal with and helpful. Will definitly recommend for future customers
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    A very well written review, thank you my dude.
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    Farted on my dick when I penetrated, got a little shit on my dick but was fun. Loved it when he tickled my butthole with his twisty tongue. UwU
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    i can lift and lower my balls without touching them i like to lick my own armpits after im done with my daily runnin
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    Sooooo, sorry in advance for the shit editing, it literally took me like 3 minutes to make ( including the render time). It's more or less a quick montage of the more fun kills I managed to get in 2 matches with the help of the cheat. Fuze with shield and no spread is godlike :3 https://youtu.be/4T10R7UqiuY
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    So I've been playing with the Proofcore DayZ cheat for a few weeks now, and thought id share my opinion on it.. Features ESP - 8/10 The ESP system is brilliant and for the most part, entirely accurate. There are options to toggle different items on and off, and pick up every single modded item / gun too. The only reason I didnt give 10/10 was because Animal and Cars are in the same ESP catagory, which is slightly annoying on modded servers but not the end of the world. Also it would be great if we could save the settings between sessions, i often forget to reset my Aim key and since i dont have a num pad, going into on screen keyboard to enable / disable features is slightly annoying. Silent Aim - 10/10 Again, this is excellent. option between head and leg really works well to remain undetected. Works though walls, doors, mountains.. everything. You can kill a player from 1.1k away (max render distance) without any trouble at all. Detetcion - 10/10 Been playing for weeks, no BE ban, no server admin bans. Although server admin bans are dependant on how hard you rage. Its VERY easy to stay below the radar. I've been called out only once by a player in countless hours of play time, and he was a fuckin idiot. With this hack being external, I'm no expert but Im highly confident this will remain undetected for a long, long time. Very very happy! Staff / Support - 10/10 Both Jannik and Dark are usually always on Discord to answer questions, as is the other support team members. Always had my questions answered quickly and the discord community is hillarious at times. Well worth joining if you havent already. Price This ones a big one for me, I'm a student so money is a little tight at times. I know i wont be able to have an active subscription all year, but over the holidays when ive been off uni its been so much more fucking fun than playing without cheats, its worth every penny. I understand why they need to keep the price high, and the 20% holiday sale was great, just a shame i missed it lol Overall, I would 100% reccomend PROOFCORE to anyone looking at buying a DayZ SA Cheat.
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