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    Hello folks, I initially only wanted to work on the lower third and watermark but somehow ended up making a whole video. I'd appreciate some feedback. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
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    First of all, to those who have been using cheats for a while now and have been banned on different games before, you can ignore this. I made this thread because of how annoying new people can be when it comes to cheating. With the recent rainbow six siege ban wave, a lot of people have been complaining in the discord server and asking for refunds. I'm here to clarify and point out some things to the newfrogs that don't know the risks of cheating, and how most (if not all) cheat providers operate in this community, or whatever you want to call it. - "I got banned using your cheat! I don't want to use it anymore, I want a refund!" If you get banned after using any kind of cheat, you're in no place to ask for a refund. Keep in mind that even if the support/mods tell you its undetected and you still end up getting banned, you still have no right to ask for a refund. Buying/using cheats comes with a risk, and that risk is getting banned. - "But I got banned on my main!!!! I've been grinding on my main account for years, and I spent almost 10000$ on my account! I want compensation!!" No, you will not be compensated. It is no ones fault but your own if you're stupid enough to play on your main for a long time and expect not to get banned. Get an alt, and cheat however you like. No cheat lasts forever, and always expect the unexpected. Like I said, I'm only saying this because of the amount of complaints I've seen on discord. I don't know how such people were accepted. Calling staff scammers, asking for refunds, being rude and annoying and spamming nonsense. People who have never touched a cheat in their life should not be allowed here. And no, I'm not simping or trying to get the staff's favor by writing this. I have been in the same spot before and dealing with such stupidity has never been more frustrating. The staff can choose to remove this thread, or keep it to educate newfrogs. TL;DR, If it's your first time cheating, either have the resolve to deal with a sudden ban, or quit.
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    Cheat is optimized, I have personally used the cheat and no FPS drops at all Yes, our cheats work on AMD CPU's
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    If you play on your main and you aren't banned within the first 1-2 games you aren't hwid banned also you don't need a hwid reset....
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    I cannot answer that, u will need to ask in your application why u got denied
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    Card payment issues? If you are having issues trying to pay with your card, please go through the following 1. Your card must have 3D Secure enabled. 3D Secure is like 2FA for cards and is for your safety. You can click here for more information about 3D Secure: https://www.sagepay.co.uk/support/28/36/3d-secure-explained 2. You need to double check the information you've entered, it needs to be entered exactly how your provider has your name, address and phone number on record. Example: 2B, Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AN, United Kingdom 2B could be the correct apartment, but your provider may have the information retained as "Apartment 2B" or "Apt. 2B". 3. Do not use any type of VPN or Proxy or your transaction will be flagged as suspicious and it won't go through. 4. If somebody is paying for you (a parent for example), it's obviously imperative that you have their permission, but it's also important to remember that you enter their details and not your own. The best thing to do in this situation is to ask them to enter their details themselves to avoid any issues. Good luck!
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    +1 for squad pretty fun game would love a fun cheat for it.
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    Thank you! I’m currently trying to decide between you guys and dexaim. I haven’t been able to contact them yet and this has been the most professional staff I have ever encountered. Thank you again for the superb service
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    1. Hello there, we have not been detected since we went external last year December, you can just choose individual options on the cheat, so as u said just ESP/Glow. 2. We only offer one version of it If you have anymore questions or I did not fully answer your questions to your satisfaction, feel free to ask again
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    A Rust cheat will most likely not come, as it puts our other EAC cheats at risk
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    Nice video, the watermark in the middle is kinda annoying tho.
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    Please read Overall 8/10 This cheat is amazing in my opinion. considering alot of other providers are scamming and reselling the same cheat and just getting global banned. Only thing that makes me upset is there is no script executor!!! Or anything actually being added from the future feature list Everything works amazing you can see the colors if a person is a civ cop or medic. You pay for what you want $44 is alot for a week but it is way worth it. The fact that this is undetected and ive been using it for 2 weeks blows my mind. But I wish there was a mod menu you guys pre made for us. There would be alot more sales if you guys actually looked into updating the cheat. Like adding money or unlimited ammo ESP 8/10 The esp is amazing I can see players from everywhere. I seen alot of people saying the esp doesn't work if your playing an altis life server or whatever server make sure that distance is up and so is the one in the arma 3 settings, The esp also lets you choose to see what cars, planes, heli, etc fly by. And it even gives the name of the car. Im just really upset because this is a great cheat and could get more sales if esp can detect the player names in the car or out. Or a visibility check would be nice. Like these cheat has such great potential and people will pay extra for things like this I promise youll see more sales. Also a item esp would be great and if you can actually see there names in cars or on ground. Or maybe a skeleton esp. Really need the item esp Murder MODE 9/10 The murdermode is amazing you can change the fov of the bullets and it will hit no matter what no complaints. I play altis life alot and it works great. Nothing suspect I barely use it too reduce my ban chances but thats on you. In conclusion I wish the developer would just take more time out his day with this cheat i understand hes proabably not a arma 3 fan thats why there not much features or menus just a simple menu thats works great. But if you guys were too add a better gui with more options it would be a life saver. You guys are truly one of the legit companies.
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    Nice video, really liked the intro, music was quite nice also
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    ZookeMike's DayZ Review : Currently 1 Month usage. Hello, I am writing my review for the DayZ cheat available on proofcore, i will go into some detail on each feature that i have been using and utilizing after the past month playing this game and hopefully it will give users a good state of mind when deciding whether or not this cheat is the right one for them, EVERYTHING stated in my review is 100% honest and I am in no way affiliated with or influenced by proofcore to make this review, I have decided to by myself due to my experience with the cheat, Anyways below i will seperate into each category/feature and rate them out of 10. PLAYER ESP : 9/10 Theres really not much to say really, it works exactly as intended, it gives you the exact distance which is very helpful, you can pretty much go the whole time unoticed and avoid all contact if necessary or even go full on aggressive and kill everyone you come across if you so please. My playstyle has been very passive so i mainly use it to avoid uneccessary attention to avoid being banned, but you can choose to do so however you please. I give this a 9/10 as it does exactly what you need, its easy to use and self explanatory, I have two issues which are very minor, The first being lack of customization, I like to keep my esp as least cluttered as possible, by this i mean the least amount of overlay as possible (for example, just a distance ESP so i dont have a big box covering half the area, this way its easier to keep things as legit looking as possible, and #1 Sometimes its not an exact location (when within a certain distance and aiming down a scope) it feels slightly out of line but of course you can manually see them anyways ( i usually flick it off to see a little better) Other than that its perfect. AIMBOT/SILENT AIM : 9/10 Again, I think this feature is amazing, and I love the fact it works on players and Zombies, it works flawlessly in most situations, depending on where you are sometimes the bullets wont penetrate through certain walls within certain buildings, but other than that its perfect and so easy to use. The reason I give this a 9/10 is because I would like the ability to maybe just have an actual aimbot rather than a silent aim to use on players (just to avoid being too obvious) as theres been times ive shot people through walls around corners and what not due to my slow reaction times and trying to play as legit as possible, but if you want to go full on rage mode, this is a dream come true, destroy everyone and anyone with ease ITEM ESP: 7/10 Although the item ESP works really well there are somethings i have issues with it. The first being is too much clutter in the high loot areas, such as tisy, balota, and other airfields and big cities, Especially when playing on modded servers with new items/mods. Even if you disable all the seperate categories of items you will still face a lot of clutter just having the item esp selected. I would Suggest having another option allowing to filter through specific items, maybe a configuration file that you can edit before running the cheat to choose what you want to see. One other issue would be Blue screening when you select inventory item. I understand this is unavoidable in some cases but it would be nice to be able to use it from time to time. But yeah as stated as above this is why i give it a 7/10 due to the lack of customization and the amount of clutter it can cause when looting, Also some items dont always show, like ammo boxes. And a few others VEHICLE and ANIMAL ESP: 9/10 Again, not much to be said, works perfectly, I would give this a 10/10 If animal esp and car esp was seperated into two different options. Thats just me though. STABILITY: 8/10 Although the cheat is very stable, you do kind of have a big blue screen issue, You can play a few hours without anything happening but with long use of this cheat you will bluescreen, Usually You bluescreen when leaving/closing the game down but sometimes you can bluescreen during gameplay, this becomes a nuisance if it happens at the wrong moment. But other than that the cheat works perfectly fine and i have not got much of an issue. So 8/10 is my verdict SECURITY: 9/10 The security of this cheat is amazing for me thus far, No bans, no issues, no nothing. Although i keep my playstyle far from aggressive and raging, i still use the silent aim, make some things a little obvious, but yet to be banned, which is amazing, I give this a 9/10 and not 10/10 as ive only played for a month, this will change if i dont get banned within a little longer. EASE OF USE/USABILITY: 10/10 Not much to say, so easy to use, injection process is so straight forward, all options are self explanatory, just get your own style, use your favorite options and its all youll ever need. Perfect PRICE: 8.5/10 This is debatable and your own personal opinion, I think it is worth the money, but because it lacks some of the features i would like to be implemented above i give it 8.5, I can totally see why the price is at what its at, but with a few additional tweaks/changes I could totally justify the entire price and recommend without any issues to anyone OVERALL: 8.5/10 Not perfect, but not far from it, I have enjoyed this cheat throughout my first month, and i would recommend it if you are looking for a DayZ cheat, do not hesitate when you buy. you will not be dissapointed, All in all its a really good cheat and works perfectly. I would definitely purchase again Thank you for reading my review, hopefully it was good and indepth and has given some of you the required information you were after
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    now I must try this .. I hope I get verified soon I cant wait till I try these
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    Thank you for taking the time to review our cheat. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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    Tbh your review stands I’ve used it for a month and played on Altis life servers. Silent aim is detectable in the sense that if someone killed me with silent aim I’d realise. A mate of mine is in this cheat and has silent aimed me and it’s obvious. That’s why Aimbot would be better. aim bot with the option to change where it’s aiming e.g aim at chest rather the head etc
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    My first legit hacking video on PUBG I hope you like it.
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    Overview For the past month, I have been using ProofCore's DayZ cheat. I had used other providers before, with mixed results, mostly being left with a ban and disappointment. I decided to finally apply for ProofCore, and let me say, I was blown away. From an active discord, to helpful support, you get the feel that everyone cares. With that, let's get into it. Note: Heavy use on both modded and official servers Silent Aim 9/10. The silent aim feature works well, given a few complications I have noticed. For those confused how silent aim works: You hold down a pre-selected button, and a circle will show up in the middle of the screen. If you aim at a player or zombie, it will highlight their name. Depending on the lock, if you click, it will teleport the bullet from your gun into either their head or leg. A lot of times, if you or another player is an a certain type of building, like concrete, the bullets will not always pass. This is also true with being in proximity and aiming towards said wall. While this does happen on occasion, it is rare. I loved how it also had a leg lock feature, making it easier to knock players unconscious vs a straight headshot kill. I've used this on both community and official servers without fault. Sidenote: IF YOU PLAY DEATHMATCH BE CAREFUL. It is extremely easy to accidentally kill 2-3+ people all at once with silent aim, which can draw suspicion from admins. I accidentally headshotted 3 people in 1 second with a pistol, so be careful haha. Item ESP 10/10. First off, the esp covers about every item you could find in the game. You are able to select custom colors for items, making it easy to differentiate guns from handcuffs. Vehicles are also included within the ESP, under their own category. The major drawback with the esp, is that when you have it all activated at once, it carries a high bluescreen potential. When I play, I usually just use the weapon, ammo, and food options. I found that in major cities, enabling misc can cause a lot of lag, and potentially lead to crashes, if you use it in combination with other esp. This is due to the sheer amount of items considered "misc," giving the cheat a lot to process. I'd suggest turning off zombie esp and other item esp, in major citites, if your pc has been prone to bluescreening. Location ESP is also included, and shows the names and locations of all major map points. Player/Zombie ESP 8/10. The player ESP is very good and very in depth, but that does not mean there aren't a few drawbacks. You have the option to visualize player name, skeleton, and distance. The range of the esp seems to be between 1-1.1k meters. If a player is holding a weapon, it will be named in yellow directly under their player name. This is awesome, as it allows you to see which players could be dangerous, and decide to make an interaction with them based off of that. I've ran into a few issues with player esp on high volume servers. The esp can be a frame or two behind the game, which can be annoying at times, but does not happen often. There have been three times where skeletons have been a whole body length off, but other than that, it works great. The zombie esp allows for name, skeleton, and distance. NOTE: From experience, I suggest only running zombie distance. On high volume servers, a LOT of zombies spawn, like a LOT. The skeletons of all the zombies is EXTREMELY strenuous on memory and the game. This makes bluecreening a lot more common. Speedhack 9/10. I feel like not a lot has been written about the speedhack, which was confusing to learn at first. Many people wonder the ban rate, and how to use it. To use the speedhack, you need to have launched DayZ (NOT THE SERVER LOADER, THE ACTUAL CLIENT), and from the menu, you select the speed you want (1-20x), and click enable. Your character should then be noticeably hyperventilating on your screen. From there, you load into the server. Gotta say, it works great and as intended. The only drawback is that when you get into the higher speeds, interacting with the gameworld becomes... difficult to impossible. Opening doors is near impossible, and there are some occasional issues within the inventory and using weapons. Be careful, because if you have a full mag in a gun and click, you'll probably empty it with just that click. To disable speedhack, leave the server, slide the value back down to 1, and uncheck the box. IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone always asks about the ban factor with speedhack. I have played for 30 days literally flying around servers between locations. I have also used the 20x speed on some of the most well-known and regulated modded servers, without issue. As long as you don't fly around and murder everyone, and stay off the beaten path, you'll be fine. I only ever used the hack to travel between far locations, trying to stay out of the way of players. I have not been banned on any official or modded servers yet. It is safe to use, but just be extra careful on popular community servers. Bluescreen of Death Probably everyone's favorite topic. Unfortunately, until I found my own workarounds, I dealt with this quite frequently. I use an Acer Predator laptop, and I'm sure all of our hardware runs the cheat slightly different, here is what I can advise. 1) You are more likely to bluescreen on servers with high-full player volume. 2) You are more likely to bluescreen running a heavy esp load, especially in city environments. 3) For zombies, only use the distance, the amount of zombies that can spawn all at once has sometimes made my PC crash. 4) ONLY USE ESSENTIAL ITEM ESP, and if you want to see attachments or misc, turn off all other esp first. My usual esp setup: Item esp - name, distance, weapons, ammo. Player esp - name, distance, skeleton Zombie esp - distance Location esp enabled Vehicles disabled Animals disabled - This works for me in high-volume servers, and I can usually play for hours without issue. You really have to play it by ear and switch esp on and off in different situations. Figure out what works best for you. Other DayZ Cheats Story time: I was playing the other day with my younger brother, as he just decided to buy the game. With this cheat, I was able to provide him with a really fun and action-packed experience with the game... one which wouldn't have been possible without proofcore. About an hour into this session, I noticed something interesting. Some dude with all X's for a name was speedhacking and heading straight for my direction. Dude was fully geared out and started throwing shots. With a simple button press, that threat got ended before he even knew what happened. I have ran into 4 other hackers in this game, and proofcore has, for a lack of better words, shit on them EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am greatful for my time using the DayZ cheat, and I know that I will be back in the future. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Go on then, I'll get involved. I'd also like to see this. +69
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    Let me start off the bat with saying I've had the z1 cheat for around 2 weeks. Aimbot is wonderful, visuals are nice. Settings can be tricky but honestly the only tricky thing is having to set your bullet velocity etc (which are on the forums with the best settings). Aimbot (9/10): Aimbot is great, believe me. It's the game and having to predict that fucks it up. Just play low fov, with a harder lock (lower smoothness) and you're going to look more legit than you can absolutely imagine. Visuals (9/10): Giving visuals 9/10 because as of right now (march 4th, 2020 or whatever) you can't disable the vehicle esp properly. only gets 1 point off due to that. Also it is actually stream proof, you can get some really cool clips without even looking like a cheater Detection (10/10): Alright so as far as detection, I'm honestly not worried one bit about getting a ban (outside of a manual ban by daybreak because you know, don't go too obvious). Proofcore does a lot to keep their shit secure and I've only learned that more and more as I've been scrolling around in the forums and being in the discord (which you have to be verified to be in). Support (10/10): The people here are great, I personally haven't had to deal with needing support but seeing the people in the cord getting help without any worries, and no-one flaming I can see it's a kick-ass group of supports. Overall, the h1z1 (or z1br cheat) is great. It's actually got a pretty low price for the fact its a battleye secured cheat. 90 dollars may seem like a lot for one month, but lets be real, if you're cheating in a game like h1, the price isn't the issue, it's the detection and proofcores got that shit down. Only suggestion to those buying the cheat, don't cheat obvious. Bans come quick if you're blatant, and never because the cheat itself is detected, just your stupid playstyle. The uploaded image is an example of the player esp working great even while loading in to a match, remember that the cheat doesn't have no clip this is just h1 fucking up. But I am able to see players before they fully load in, plus can see exactly who's going where.
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    Alex 17 Romania Chinese food ( God, I love their rice spaghetti or whatever it's made of )
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    Version 3.95


    Read this for usage instructions: How To RAR archive password: proofcore
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    - Mauricio - 47 - Switzerland - Fondue Chinoise & Raclette
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    Linus 22 yrs Sweden That would have to be chinese food ?
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    Hey SanjayKumar, We do not discriminate against anyone because of their origin. I am sorry that you have not been accepted but I hope you understand that we cannot accept every applicant. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
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