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    弱弱的问一问各位用过的大哥,我翻译的图对吗,欢迎指正 有几个翻译不出来的,麻烦各位帮小弟翻译一下。 感激不尽
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    Hi there, unfortunately we do not want a law suit
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    OFFICIAL TRUSTED PROOFCORE RESELLER - MAR1K Want to purchase any cheat on this site and dont have BTC? Its easy now! Hello, My name is Maxim Kotvitskyy ( NICKNAME: MAR1K ), I am an Official Reseller here at PROOFCORE.IO If you can't purchase any subscription using site's official payment options, you can always pay for a subscription through me. I offer many payment options such as: Paypal Payoneer TransferWise Western Union Paysend Paysera PaysafeCard Revolut Uphold Venmo CashApp Apple Pay Google Pay SOFORT Skrill iDEAL Neteller Bancontact EPS GiroPay Multibanco Przelewy24 AirTM Boleto CashU Perfect Money Advanced Cash Payeer Neosurf Gift Code Flexepin Gift Code Amazon Gift Code ( EUR/USD/PLN ) Steam Wallet Gift Code Steam Skins ( I accept all kinds of skins, all games ) G2A Wallet BOA COMPRA TrustPay Trustly UPI Razer Gold Blik EcoPayz OXXO DotPay AliPay UnionPay Qiwi WebMoney Yandex.Money Credit Cards: Visa MasterCard Maestro American Express How to Pay: Make sure to register an account here at PROOFCORE.IO Then add Mar1k, the seller through the contacts you can see below: "https://i.imgur.com/OiN1w8t.png" Wait till Mar1k, the seller can confirm your friendship for further communication. When that's done, you will be able to discuss with Mar1k what is the easiest option for you to pay and how to proceed from there on. Have any questions? Message me! Skype Login: live:mar1khacks [Click! Add me to Skype OnLine! NOW!] ICQ UIN: 7049195 FaceBook.Com Profile: FaceBook.Com/Mar1kHack [Click! Write to me in FaceBook OnLine!] Vk.Com Profile: Vk.Com/Mar1kHack [Click! Write to me in VKontakte OnLine!] Discord Contact: Mar1k#1993 Telegram messenger number: +380969064108 or login: Mar1kHack WhatsApp messenger number: +380969064108 Viber messenger nubmer: +380969064108 E-Mail: [email protected]
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    This guy is a class act. FASTEST reseller i've ever fucking dealt with. He said give him 2 minutes I timed it took him 58 seconds .GG
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    看很多没通过验证的国人对这个论坛都报以种族歧视的心态,所以专门开帖安利下申请白名单的注意事项。 1.首先,Proofcore管理者是绝对不存在种族歧视的,所以不通过也不要一直拿歧视中国人来说事,你越这么纠缠,越是给中国人抹黑,直面问题,不要用乱七八糟的理由死缠烂打(说实话这是我们大多数中国人的通病,不会直接面对原因,只会找一些客观理由去喷,客观跟主观理由不能成立就各种人身攻击),如果这种心态,那么你的成功率为0%。 2.Proofcore验证需要提供个人证件(个人认为提供护照为最佳,毕竟有中英文互译)以及个人自拍照和书写的有proofcore.io的纸张; 3.非常重要的一项,你必须要证明你是一个能信任的外挂用户,因为这是针对BE和EAC反作弊的游戏外挂,反作弊难度很高,所以使用的人能不浪、很少、不主动举报外挂,这挂的特征就越少,那么安全性就能得到保障。这就是用户白名单验证存在的意义。所以要尽量的证明你是一个老挂B,而且是不浪的老挂B,当然,适当的证明下你有足够的收入或者资产能支持你能长期购买Proofcore的产品也是加分项!***特别强调:不要试图作假*** 祝你们都能通过
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    I always buy from him. Very fast support and editing! Legit and trustable reseller! 10/10, fantastic!
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    No we won't be making a cheat for a game that can get us in a law suit. We won't be thinking about making a cheat for Valorant ever
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    True it's not that big but i prefer the standalone size of names, maybe it's just cause i have good eye sight. Also you're right, I kinda knew what the option name was but not exactly as I used the standalone for almost 2 months straight & only touched beta three times. Anyways I would much rather use the standalone & not see the 2 or 3 items it doesn't have in the esp & also bsod everytime i close the game instead of seeing a shit ton of stuff on my screen while trying to loot specifics & also not get killed cause i gotta look through 100 items to see if find a name of a player close or not. not trying to complain or anything, I loved my time I had & I think they're both really good, I just wish standalone was still supported or undefined wasn't so clustered but I also understand why it is & not everything can be perfect.
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    Smooth = 15 - 20 (For legit MB5) Fov = 70-80 ( legit MB5) Smooth = 3-6 (Legit / kinda blatant MB1) FOV = 70-80 (Legit / kinda blatant MB1) everything else is preference wise
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    PROOFCORE PUBG 【BEST】 legit settings Give me a thumbs up if you like,I will share with you legit settings
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    Trusted Mar1k to be legit and a fast reseller and he delivered just that. Totally legit and nice guy. 100% Recommend and i will definitely be revisiting Mar1k for future purchases.
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    中国玩家申请指南 申请步骤如下 1.首先准备好自己的身份证或护照和一张白色干净的纸 2. 填写表格要求如实填写自己的姓名/年龄/地区/(表格信息要和本人或护照内容填写国家/地区,如果你不想被接受) (身份证或护照拍摄正反两面-身份证或护照上面的信息一定要看得清楚-) 3.纸上按照求写社区proofcore.io/社区地址/申请日期(如实填写)白纸保持干净打开 4. 手持白纸或护照/补充三张手拿纸拍摄或五官谨慎遮挡自己或证件/白纸上的信息,以便了解 5.最重要的一点提交申请后请耐心等待审核,不要催促管理员/不要辱骂管理员/管理员不要轻视只要按照要求如实会顺利通过 希望下一个会成为PROOFCORE成员的会是你 Hope more people get help, do not attack or insult the community manager, this is the least respect 如果这篇文章对你所有帮助请点赞
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    Z1 Comments [Real Comments] ESP function9/10 - The ESP function worked well and no FPS drop was observed. The overall flow was smooth - Suggestion: Would you like to add a shortcut key to display items so that you can press the shortcut key to turn off ESP when the enemy is near to make it easier to see where the enemy is AIMBOT function10/10 - You can set up two auto-aim buttons, which is great ,Custom adjust smooth speed,This function is also perfect overall Problems encountered - My game font is Simplified Chinese, I found that some items displayed the name is garbled, this may be related to my game font is Chinese conclusion - After a few hours of play, I found I fell in love with the cheat,I won almost every game and my account was not banned "PROOFCORE" features security. Cheating goes undetected for a long time,My advice to anyone who is still hesitating is to stop hesitating at this point This cheat is safe and worth buying If my comment is helpful to you or you like to give me a "like" YouTube prohibits access to China, so I can't make videos and upload them. I can only send photos of game victory. Later, I will try to solve this problem and record videos
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    Rogue Company, with me, now.
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    Hello Proofcore forums! I wanted to take some time and write this review out after I've spent about a month using Proofcore's Apex Legends cheat. In short, it's been a fun experience using the tool. I'm a casual player and usually fool around in trios, but will play in ranked randomly. The ESP works as advertised. Rarely do I use the aimbot, but when it is activated it does not have any problems whatsoever and does a great job tracking/staying on top of enemies. The configuration of the smoothness/FOV works as intended and can adjust the aimbot to work almost like an "aim assist." Overlay 10/10 This section is to discuss the overlay for using the Apex Legends cheat. Basically, after accessing the .exe file you provide your login credentials, and after that you are able to configure the Apex cheat before injecting and hopping in the game. It's very simple to understand, so I'm going to give it a perfect score here. I will mention that common issues like HWID errors or crashes will happen at some point to you, but I think that these are inevitable issues that will occur in any file/program loader. For example, a common HWID error is having multiple monitors running. I currently need to have one monitor off in order to play - this might be resolved with having an HWID reset, but I digress. The overlay works just as intended. ESP 9/10 The ESP does a great job of showing where the enemies are...it is simple as that. Nothing too fancy with it, which I appreciate it. That in itself (the ESP working) is my main reason of giving it a 9. Where the other point goes (and these are minor things that are either under maintenance/to be worked on) is the following: - Item loot: cannot disable - Currently no ESP distance meter (down the future, perhaps?) - ESP glow/chams: Shows body when visible outside of cover The three items I mentioned above I think are very minute and easy to disregard. The ESP works, plain and simple. You will have an easy time spotting out where enemies are on the map. Aimbot 9/10 To be honest, I do not use the aimbot a whole lot. The times I have configured it for use, the tracking on enemies is done either toward the head or body (based off whatever bind I have set at the time). It does well from the close, mid, and long ranges that I have tested in trios and in ranked. It's a real fun time when using this in tandem with guns like the Longbow, Sentinel, and currently in S8 the 30 30. It is easy to go full blatant on this, and at the same time it is very configurable to where you can have semi-legit/legit play without looking obvious. In addition to ESP, I believe the aimbot is a core for a lot of users and that it needs to be fully functional. I think Proofcore's Apex cheat does just that. Overall 9/10 To wrap up, I recommend purchasing this cheat if you are looking for one to use on Apex. The ability to play rage/semi-legit/legit is there. ESP and aimbot work as advertised and I have had a blast using it in S7/S8. I have played on three accounts so far and have experienced no issues with bans. Taking into consideration that using this cheat can lead to a ban AT ANY TIME, it is nice to see that I have not been hit with anything (albeit I do not use the aimbot; ESP is very bannable and noticeable in itself, but playing smart will relieve this issue). The Proofcore team behind this Apex cheat are an awesome group of people and I am very appreciative that patches are usually met with an updated cheat within a day or two. The Discord support has been great, and I know that whenever I need help I'll be able to get an answer within a couple hours. If any readers have any questions, let me know by posting in the thread and I'll be happy to answer anything that I did not touch on here. Happy cheating, folks!
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    hopefully the quality and everything is ok
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    As an ARK player and a cheater for a couple of years now, and after utilizing many cheats for ARK: Survival Evolved, I write this honest review: I can't really complain about the features that the cheat itself offers, as it seems to deliver what it states, however, the problem becomes when ARK: Survival Evolved is involved, since you need to play the game a lot and be a try hard at it in order to develop a flawless cheat for it. When regarding ARK: Survival Evolved cheats and the whole market in general, Proofcore.io is lacking a lot in order to be competitive on the ARK cheating market, since basic features are not in the cheat as of this review. I do not really know if the Proofcore.io team will be continuing the ARK cheat, but if they do, please consider this review for the next steps in order to improve the software itself. I'll now talk a bit about the features that are already in the cheat, what is lacking, and what needs to be improved (in my POV). I will NOT provide scores or grades for each section, since most features that are already in cheat performs great and most of this review will target what is missing and what needs to be improved in order to be an excellent cheat for ARK. Visuals --> The visuals on the ark cheat looks fantastic to be honest, it is spotless, and I enjoy it a lot, however, some features are lacking to the ESP and the visuals tab in general, some features are down below: Colors for ESP Box (Dinos & Players): - Enemies (Default Red) - Tribemates (Default White) - Sleepers (Default Blue) - Corpses (Default Black) - Different ESP Box for Alpha Wild Creatures - Different ESP Box Color for Visible & Invisible Enemies Player ESP: - Remove Tribemates from ESP - Visible Check Dinosaur ESP: - Remove Tribemate's Dinos from ESP - Display Only Alpha Creatures - Display Only Wild Dinos - Display Only Tamed Dinos - Display Only Hidden Dinos (Reapers | Purlovias | Basilisks) - Level Filter for Wild Dinos Structures ESP: - Turret ESP (Bullet Count) - Cryofridges - Storages (Vaults | Small Storages | Large Storages | Dedis) with slot count - Generator ESP - Sleeping Bag ESP - Bed ESP Other ESP: - Supply Drop ESP - Element Veins ESP for Extinction DLC - OSD ESP for Extinction DLC Aimbot --> Aimbot on cheat currently is a basic aimbot, however, ARK doesn't really work this way, the hit register system is hard to figure and in order to do a perfect aimbot (8/8 shots), so many more features need to be added. Aimbot currently doesn't allow users to scope while shooting, believe it or not, you will miss a lot more with no scope, even with No Spread, No Sway & No Recoil. Some features that I personally need and it is not in cheat: - Aim Prediction (Lag Compensation for Officials) - More Aimbot Hitboxes [Head | Chest | Legs | Dynamic] (Dynamic aims for the least durability armor the target is using) - Keep Target (Keep target if aimbot key is held, even if player view is outside FOV) - Triggerbot - Triggerbot Key - Trigger on Non-Tribemates - Trigger on Tribemates Misc --> Nothing much to say about MISC section on cheat, since it works as intended, but as previously stated, lacks features. Some features in the MISC tab needs to go together with the AIMBOT section, since the aimbot will not work if No Spread & No Recoil are not active, as you will just aim above the hitbox and miss every shot. Some features that I suggest: - No Sway (So we can aim while scoped) - Lag Compensation - Infinite Orbit (Big "K" mode) - Automatically equip armor on broken As previously stated, lots of features are lacking, but I do believe the cheat has potential if it is carried on, and this thread can be used by the developers in order to know what they need to implement on the cheat itself. The player base on ARK is small compared to other games such as Apex Legends, and I see why the team wouldn't want to continue the project. THIS POST ISN'T MEANT TO UNDERMINE THE CHEAT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, I JUST WANT TO INFORM WITH TOTAL HONESTY WHAT THE CHEAT IS LACKING, AND WHAT IT NEEDS IN ORDER TO IMPROVE. Regards, Doom.
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    - ¿Cómo comprar en PROOFCORE? Necesitas tener el estado de "VERIFICADO" Para ser verificado, sigue las instrucciones de este enlace: - ¿Cómo usar el producto tras la compra? Recibirás un email con tu clave. Puedes descargar el loader en este enlace: https://www.proofcore.io/files/ Usa la clave en el loader. Sigue las instrucciones de la sección Anuncios del área de Miembros. - ¿Qué productos hay disponibles? Puedes ver el estado de los productos en el siguiente enlace: https://www.proofcore.io/status SI TIENES MÁS PREGUNTAS, NO DUDES EN CONTACTAR CON UN MODERADOR O EN RESPONDER EN ESTE MISMO HILO
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