Frequently asked questions


We strongly recommend to read this guide since it answers most possible questions and explains the whole process from signing up on to loading one of our cheats:

Are there any basic skills that are indispensable to be a user of
We have guides for nearly everything on our site and our whole staff team is very helpful and active, consequently, even a “cheating newbie” will be able to use our products without any issues. However, there are a few basic things that are required. You should be able to read and write basic English (without google translate). It does not need to be perfect in any way but we should be able to understand what you say without analyzing your words for ages. Moreover, you should be able to use Windows and computers in general. We are a cheat provider, not Microsoft tech support. If you have no idea what “VPN” or “BSOD” means and don’t know how to change your game from fullscreen to borderless or end a process in TaskManager, you are probably in the wrong place. Last but not least, you should be able to communicate with administrators and staff members but also customers and members in a friendly, patient and respectful way. A toxic and hateful community is the worst thing that can happen to a cheat provider and afterall, we’re all here to have fun, that’s what cheating is about.

So if you don’t have at least basic English reading and writing skills, don’t know how to use a computer or if you are just a very toxic, impatient or hateful person, please don’t join and apply for proofcore. 


Are your cheats safe?
We take security very serious, so yes they are considered safe. To find out if a cheat is currently undetected, in testing, detected or in development, check out our status page:

Are there any technical requirements to use your cheats?
Your OS needs to be Windows 10 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2 or Windows 11. All CPUs are supported, Intel as well as AMD.

What do I have to do to purchase cheats from proofcore?
If you are a new member, you need to submit an application first. Please carefully read the application instructions before doing this, that saves you as well as us a lot of time. If you did everything correctly, you will receive the “Verified” role and can purchase any of our cheats & join our private Discord. You can submit an application here, only administrators can see your thread in this section:­application/form/1-application-for-proofcore/

Which payment methods do you offer?
We offer direct & automated payments with lots of different payment methods, such as Visa/Mastercard, Apple Pay, Bitcoin and more in our store:
Moreover, we offer PayPal payments through our Reseller Mar1k (Razen#5816) for a 15-20% additional fee.

What happens after I’ve paid?
If you bought directly from our store, your subscription will be added automatically after purchasing.
If you paid via an alternative payment method (a reseller) you will receive a key that can be redeemed here. After you redeemed the key, the subscription is added to your account automatically:

Why does my creditcard payment keep getting rejected?
To purchase with Visa/Mastercard, you need to have 3D-secure enabled on your card. This basically is Two-Factor Authentication for creditcards, use google or contact your bank for assistance on how to enable and use it. Furthermore, make sure that you submit all requested information, such as name, address and phone number, correctly. If anything is missing or incorrect, the payment will be rejected by the payment processor.

If I need help setting it up or have problems will you help me?
We have a dedicated team of support users that will assist you if you have any issues.

What happens if a cheat gets detected?
We update it and ensure it’s safe again. After that, all users get their lost time added back.

Do you offer trials?
No, we don’t because of security reasons.

Can I have a discount?
We sometimes do sales for some days on certain products, however, we don’t give discounts to single customers without any reason.

I am a reseller or content creator, are you open for cooperations?
Sure, message an admin through the forum or our Discord.


Why do I have to verify my identity to purchase your cheats?
We care about our community, our customers and our cheats. Verifying our customers identity allows us to keep out unwanted people such as as leakers, scammers, previously banned users but also BE/EAC employees. This keeps the community healthy, the customers happy and the cheats safe.

Who has access to my private information (application text, ID pictures) and what is it used for?
Only administrators and selected staff members (Silverback) have access to your applications and pictures and they are only used for verification of your identity. Usually, noone ever looks at them again after you received the “Verified” role. They are stored securely on our server. We treat all data submitted to us with the highest level of respect to our users privacy.

Which documents can be used for ID verification & what needs to be visible on the pictures?
We accept national ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses. Your full name, picture, date of birth and the expiration date needs to be visible, everything else can be censored/hidden.

Is there a minimum age that is required to apply & purchase the cheats?
No, there is no required minimum age. Age is just a number, we care way more about your “mental age”.

I don’t have an ID card, passport or driver’s license, can I still apply and become “Verified”?
Under certain circumstances (for example is a user is very trusted on other cheating-related sites), we might also accept other documents such as a school ID. If you don’t have any documents to verify your identity, we can’t verify you and it’s pointless to post an application.

I previously used cheats from proofcore but only have the “Member” role. Do I need to reapply to purchase the cheats?
If you don’t have the “Verified” role, you aren’t able to purchase any of our cheats and need to reapply.

I want to join proofcores staff team, can I apply for that somewhere?
We are still actively searching for new supporters, there is a seperate applications section for people that want to join proofcores staff. Please note that you need to have had atleast 1 subscription and need to be “Verified” in order to have a chance to get accepted. You can submit a staff application here:­forum/85-staff-applications/


How do I use the loader?
You log in with your forum credentials. After that, it will display all of your current active subscriptions that can be loaded from it.

Where can I download the loader after I purchased?
You can download our loader here as soon as you have the “Customer” role:

Can I use the cheats on multiple computers?
No, for security purposes we don’t allow that. Once you log in on our loader for the first time,  the account is then locked to that computer’s unique HWID.

Do you offer HWID resets?
Yes, we offer one free HWID resets per subscription if there is a reason for it. We have multiple ways to get behind account sharing and any attempt will result in a permanent ban.

How can I request a HWID reset or downtime compensation?
You can request that by creating a support ticket. Make sure to select the correct department & include all required information in your request. Furthermore, please note that we only allow HWID resets if you have a reason (for example a new computer) and only give downtime compensation for downtime on our end (cheat updating/detected, server maintenance, BSODs/crashes if they make the game unplayable). A support ticket can be created here:

Can I stream/record with your cheats and the cheats will not show?
You sure can, our cheats (except internal ones) are fully streamproof.

I want to report a bug, suggest a new feature or need support for a cheat, is there a place for that in the forum?
We have designated sections for those things on our private area, you can find them here:

Can I renew my subscription when it runs out?
Yes, of course. Just go to our store and purchase another one.

Can this website autocharge me for renewals after my subscription expired?
No, that’s not possible. One day before a subscription expires, the website generates a new invoice, however, if you don’t want to renew, you can just ignore it. It won’t autocharge you any amount.

Can I order multiple subscriptions across different games?
You certainly can.

Can I use the cheats with my AMD CPU or GPU?
Yes, we support all CPUs and GPUs, Intel as well as AMD and NVIDIA.

Can I use the cheats on a VM (Virtual Machine) or “Shadow PC”?
No, it won’t work.

Can I use the cheat on my laptop?
Yes, it should work. 

If I buy a cheat, can my friends use it too?
Only if they are using it on your PC, account sharing is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.

I am HWID banned in a BE/EAC game, can I play again with this cheat?
We offer a HWID spoofer in our store that can be bought by customers for a cheap price. (Currently not for sale)


Is there a Discord?
Yes, there is a Discord for “Verified” users and “Customers” that can be joined through this link:­discord/invite/proofcore/

I accidentially linked a wrong Discord account to my forum profile. How can I unlink it again?
You can link & unlink a Discord account with your forum account here:­settings/login/?service=3