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  1. would be fun to fuck around with Darky's superior code in this game, much better than hoping that EO or some other cheap alternative stays undetected forever.
  2. have you disabled windows defender permanently through regedit? also have you turned your firewall off?
  3. The cheat does not have speedhack, nor does it work on windows 10 1909, only 1903 and 1809 at the moment.
  4. Great review! One thing about the ESP though, if you turn on v-sync and use the optimization guide in our "guides and tutorials" section, then you can most likely get perfect ESP with no lag given that you are on a moderate CPU.
  5. So you bought the cheat without reading anything at all that is plastered all over our website saying that we ONLY work on windows 10 and more specifically 1809/1903? Seems logical.
  6. We didn't "steal money" from anyone, and your analogy was a complete and total blow-over, you were too incompetent to know how to do a simple task with lots of resources and guides on it online and you equate that to "us stealing your money" when you were guided and given all resources to get the cheat working? Also about other providers offering 1909, they use different drivers and different bypasses, not sure that they've stayed fully undetected since release like we have.
  7. That's not an opinion, that is a direct fact, all you would have to do is install windows 1809/1903 from ANY legitimate ISO and install it on to your computer and there would have been ZERO issues then on, you are delusional. Nor is "just making it work on 1909" an easy task at all.
  8. Literally all you had to do was download a 1903 or 1809 ISO off of adguard or ANY torrent website and install it from your USB onto your computer, and you ignored all of that. We have had SO MANY members successfully downgrade from 1909, and this is simply the result of your own incompetence.
  9. It's been UD for over 2 months now, and has stayed UD for over 8 months in the past before, currently I've been closet cheating since recode of our new very secure external, and I find it hard to get bans while raging too even. (takes around a full month to get banned while raging)
  10. We currently do not have a speedhack, but for more videos and images of our cheats feel free to check out our media section, which contains showcases for all games.
  11. The only prerequisites are listed onsite, these include - disabling/uninstalling any antivirus on your PC - being on windows version 1809/1903 (we have a simple and quick uninstall guide) - running the game in borderless/windowed mode (borderless 144hz/244hz can be configured from the gamesettings.ini file for rainbow six) Other than that, the cheat is an easy inject and play, no other things needed.
  12. They don't ban accounts on the same 2FA, also for the reseller, it can typically take up to 24 hours.
  13. You can remove upgrades if you updated from 1903 to 1909, or if you never installed 1903 and had a new version of windows at 1909, then move your wanted files into a drive and then do a fresh install of windows and afterwards import the files back into your main drive with windows.

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