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  1. "I keep my FOV at the lowest available setting" The lowest available setting is actually 0, if you'd like to go below the 35 mark on your FoV, simply hover your mouse over the slider and use your arrow keys to adjust it further. Also to capitalize on what Mako had posted, you can make silent aim VERY legit considering that you keep it below 20 fov, and the enemies or anyone spectating you won't see the gun rotate as shown in the video, only you do.
  2. Beautiful video, especially that thumbnail.
  3. All you need is a spare drive identical to your current one(s).
  4. I don't mean this in a rude way, but you are entirely wrong with that first statement.
  5. Thank you so much for the very detailed review! One thing I noticed though, "Depending on the lock, if you click, it will teleport the bullet from your gun into either their head or leg. A lot of times, if you or another player is an a certain type of building, like concrete, the bullets will not always pass." & "There have been three times where skeletons have been a whole body length off, but other than that, it works great." To avoid the first issue, murdermode only works once the bullet has traveled (2-3)? ticks before teleporting into the enemies' head/leg, so you should keep some distance when using murdermode/silentaim and firing, or else the bullet won't have adequate time to travel. And as for the skeletons, you should turn off antialiasing and restart your game. I hope I could help you, and I'm very glad that you've been enjoying the cheat so far- btw, bluescreen fix is coming pretty soon.
  6. You should disable windows defender through regedit. Thread closed.
  7. 99% of these community/private servers have no 3rd party client side anticheat (if they have one, they'll force you to install something entirely different), only serverside ones, so as long as you play sparingly with aimbot (as these serverside anticheats log what part of the body you hit, from which distance, and a few other things) you will be fine. So if you'd like to only use player and loot esp, there is ZERO way for them to catch you, but if you do want to use aimbot, you should take caution.
  8. 6 Months later? Absurdly unlikely.
  9. It's pretty hard to get banned with only aimbot and ESP, you would have to use no smoothing and go crazy for 2~ months to get banned, even with speedhack, silentaim, norecoil, nospread, and posting clips of myself cheating, it takes like 2+ months for a ban, people like @Nekrasov and @Death's Dance have lasted over 6 months while rage hacking.
  10. If you properly closet cheat and your cheat stays undetected, you'll never be banned, I've lasted an entire year semi-raging back in 2018, until the cheat got detected. You are invincible as long as you don't rage hack or upload clips of yourself cheating.
  11. Duke

    R6S Uplay

    Discord overlay might make the cheat overlay not render, but there's no "danger". UPlay doesn't log anything and BattlEye only initiates when the game is open on Rainbow Six Siege.
  12. Duke

    R6S Uplay

    If the uplay version of R6 wasn't supported then how would people end up launching the game?
  13. Click the discord tab at the top right of the website.
  14. Thank you lots for the honest and detailed review.
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