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  1. we support amd of course you should be fine and yes it works on modded servers.
  2. Memes


    its just a place holder for now perhaps it will be a thing soon
  3. perhaps its a place holder or is it
  4. perhaps we have but you can always use hackmachine.
  5. you can only buy 1 month with card. if you wanna buy a week you can only crypto or you can pay through our reseller @Mar1k
  6. We don't officially support controller but you can always use a program to remap the keys.
  7. https://proofcore.io/forums/support/ make a ticket.
  8. Apex is currently being tested there is no ETA when it will be back
  9. we currently don't sell our BF2402 cheat since the game died.
  10. Apex is currently being tested that's why you cant buy the software.
  11. you need to apply make a application
  12. yes just make sure you use game capture on OBS/Medal
  13. good video but please remove the intro i feel like im 2012 cod days again
  14. Memes

    Ark Review

    Thank you for your feedback glad you like it
  15. yes mate https://proofcore.io/getting-started/ cheers
  16. Thank you for your feedback
  17. Memes


    there is no other way. just wait untill you get your id back

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