Getting Started


These guides will teach you everything you need to know if you want to start cheating with PROOFCORE!

To ensure that our cheats stay undetected and our community healthy and friendly, we require everyone who wants to buy a product from proofcore to submit an application.

1.1 Create an application here (only staff can access your application):­form/1-application-for-proofcore/

1.2 Submit your application.

Please include the following information:

– Full name –

– Date of birth –

– Country of residence –

– – Links to your profiles on other hacking-related websites –

– How did you find proofcore? –

– Which cheats would you like to buy if you pass the verification? –

3 separate pictures to verify your identity (national ID card OR passport OR driver’s license + selfie as explained below):

Your full name, picture, date of birth and the date of expiration need to be visible on your ID/passport/driver’s license. You are allowed to hide everything else.
Those pictures are only used for verification. Noone except administrators has access to them and they are stored securely on our server.

1.3 Wait until we review your application.

This usually takes way less than 24h, however, in some rare cases it is possible that you need to wait for up to 48h. We will let you know if your application was accepted or declined by posting in your application thread. If you got accepted, you will receive the “Verified” role (as secondary role). Now you are able to purchase any of our cheats!

You can check the status of your application here:

Finally got the “Verified” role? Great, you are able to purchase any of our cheats now!

2.1 Decide which cheat you want to buy. You can find information on all cheats that we currently offer here:

2.2 Check the status page to be sure the cheat of your choice is up and undetected:

2.3 If you are able to pay with CreditCard or Bitcoin, you can purchase all cheats directly from our automated Store:

2.3.1 If you purchased with Bitcoin, your subscription is added to your account automatically after the transaction reached 1 confirmation. If you checked out with CreditCard, you receive a key after purchasing that can be redeemed here. This will add the purchased subscription to your account:

Managed to purchase one of our cheats? Congratulations! You now need to check a few things on your computer to ensure that everything will be running smoothly, but don’t worry, it’s very easy!

3.1 Make sure you are on Windows 10 1809, 1903 or 1909.

Press WIN + R on your keyboard, this window should open up:

Now, enter “winver” into the field and press enter.

This window should open up:

Pay attention to the area marked inside the red box. If it says “Version 1809”, “Version 1903” or “Version 1909”,  you have the correct windows version already. Great! Continue with the next step.

If you have a different Windows version than 1809-1909, please update your Windows (if you have an older version) or reinstall (if you have a newer version). The ISO file below can be used to perform a fresh install on Windows 10 1809:

3.2 Make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ x86/x64 Red. 2015-2019 installed:

Download both files and run them:

If you already have them installed, it will offer you to uninstall or repair the existing installation. In that case, just close them, you are good to go. If you don’t have them yet, install them and restart your computer.

3.3 Check a few more things before you start using the cheat:

– Make sure you don’t have any antivirus tools installed (Don’t just disable but uninstall them)

– If you have FaceIT client installed, uninstall it (cheats won’t work otherwise)

– Set your game to borderless windowed mode

– Close all unneeded programs and processes running in background, especially things like Razer Synapse/Cortex (or similar software) and any kinds of Overlays (Overwolf, Discord, …)

– Make sure you are using the normal version of Steam, the cheats won’t work with Steam Beta

Yay, you made it to step 4! Only a few more things to do and you can finally start cheating!

4.1 Download our loader:

(RAR archive password is proofcore)

4.2 Open our loader:

Open our loader and log in with your forum credentials.

Important: Make sure you don’t have any HWID spoofers loaded while doing this since it will lock the account to the computer on which you logged in for the first time!

After logging in, the loader displays all of your current active subscriptions. Press “Inject” and confirm with “Yes” to load a certain cheat.

4.3 Inject the cheat:

In most games, you simply need to press Inject”, confirm that you want to inject, wait until loader closes and THEN run the game (Never run the loader while an instance of BattlEye/EasyAntiCheat is running).

However, in some cases, additional things need to be completed before you can inject. Have a look in our private section, we provide full injection guides for every game that we offer:

4.4 Use the cheat ingame:

You can open the cheat menu in every game with “Insert”.

All options can be turned on and off by using your mouse or arrowkeys + enter.

And now, have fun! With PROOFCORE

If you need help with the cheat, our loader or our forum, you can create a support ticket in our private area easielyOur dedicated staff team will help you out:

PUBG support­forum/62-support/

DAYZ support­forum/63-support/

APEX support­forum/64-support/

ARMA support­forum/71-support/

R6S support­forum/75-support/

Z1BR support­forum/78-support/

DBDL support­forum/81-support/

ISS support­forum/88-support/

EFT support­forum/84-support/

HSD support­forum/91-support/

If you need a HWID reset because you reinstalled Windows or want to play on a different PC for a longer period of time, you can of course request a free HWID reset!


WarningAccount sharing is strictly forbidden and WILL get you banned from proofcore permanently.

You are allowed to use the cheats on a different PC (for example if you are on vacation), however, sharing your account details with anyone and requesting HWID resets so other persons can use the cheat will get you banned immediately. We have multiple ways to get behind account sharing!

Usually, HWID resets are limited to 1 reset per subscription. However, in some cases we allow additional HWID resets. You can easily request a HWID reset here, it might take up to 24 hours until it’s answered (usually way less):