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  1. Death's Dance


    Hi hazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my name is dd
  2. Death's Dance

    Arma 3

    check media section
  3. Death's Dance

    Arma 3

    yes and beta is just better lol
  4. Death's Dance

    Arma 3

    We do have variable editor on beta version.
  5. I'll suggest you to use magic launcher instead it's alot better.
  6. 暂时没有计划 这是正常的,因为我们没有完整的可见性检查
  7. 它会尽快修复
  8. 首先,由于性能问题,永远不会添加骨架esp。其次,请记住pubg有一个报告和手动禁止系统,这就是为什么我们不会让瞄准机器人更强大的原因 作弊已经擅长它 当前我们使用的可见性检查系统是唯一在外部进行vischeck的方法作弊而不影响性能。
  9. DayZ standalone is not gonna comeback
  10. I don't think it's that big lol. Also i don't even think you pay attention to cheat you use lol the item esp option you talk about is Undefined which shows all moded items on the server and it's way better than the filter we used on standalone build since it has issues like some specific items are not showing and some bsod issues with dayz expansion mod since @admin can't filter all the shitty mods dayz use he added undefined esp.
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