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  1. try this please: uncheck 'automaticially manage paging file size for all drives' set it to 5120 restart ur pc and try again
  2. hello we have 1909 support for all of our cheats it will work on 1909
  3. well our coder darky created this thread for you guys to upload memory.dmp file this is the only way he can fix them.
  4. hello sadly we don't have a script executor on our arma 3 product right know if you wan't our coder darky to add this feature you can write a suggestion about your first question yes it is good for legit / rage basically you can teleport bullets to players head , chest with silent aim you can configure the fov and keybind to activate it.
  5. you can also get report banned but i never got banned
  6. its not for sale right know bcz cheat crashes game alot our coder darky will fix it when he has time there is no eta for that.
  7. you need hwid reset don't forget to select the correct departmant https://www.proofcore.io/support/
  8. no eta and probably no
  9. our cheats works only on windows 10 1809-1903 so its okay

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