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  1. fixed in beta version and you can configure your fov but you can't configure your smooth
  2. 如果你做错了或者你没有足够的作弊经验,我们不会接受每个人,你可能不会被接受
  3. asking for staff to check your verification is not gonna speed up the proccess you have to wait like everyone else it can take up to 24 hours ^^
  4. 如果他们正确进行验证,我们也接受中国客户
  5. yes we also support magiclauncher
  6. no it's not planned at all
  7. it's because you are refreshing the page
  8. you need to be verified to join discord
  9. you need hwid reset create ticket
  10. servers are not down redownload loader and
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