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Fortnite Version ??



What version of windows should i use to use fortnite? Anyspecific Builds of Windows OS??? I can get onto any specific builds i just need to know which one will work the best or most compatible. ive seen some Chairs crash, lose injection, bluescreen, instant close game and other random things if you're even a build off. This is just important to me honestly. thanks in advance. 

Typing "Winver" in the Windows key + R command box will show up with the windows version and build. "Version 2XHX (OS Build xxxxx.xxxx)" 

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We provide an ISO for Windows 11 22H2. Either a modified lite one (Ghost Spectre, google it) or a stock ISO from Windows.

The Fortnite cheat supports Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2. We recommend to use 22H2 but if you already got the 23H2 version, its also fine. A specific build is not required.


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