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  1. 我只能说,作弊行为未被发现且稳定。我认为您要求《PUBG》,但一般来说,我们的任何作弊行为都没有禁止或检测问题。
  2. Probably it would be the best to use a permanent spoofer. You can check elitepvpers for such spoofers, if you are banned. If not, its not needed to use a spoofer. We currently dont have prediction added to the cheat, but it might follow in the future. Prediction can be risky if you 1-shot people on far ranges. That just calls for reports & shadow bans.
  3. We dont have shadow ban issues in COD. Our aimbot is shadowban proof, which means you wont get banned for just using it. If you rage hard, and I mean hard you will get shadow banned. @Death's Dance for example made this video and didnt get shadow banned.
  4. Xenos


    Thank you for the review. As for the lack of functions, new options and settings will be implemented shortly.
  5. Yes, very likely this year
  6. Thank you for the review ❤️
  7. Shadowbans usually stay between 1 and 7 days. You cant really play the game when you are SB and your hardware is also flagged. SB are somewhat common, it mostly depends if you receive a lot of reports. If thats the case you will encounter SB frequently, like many non-cheating users. If you play legit enough with the cheat you should be fine.
  8. Hello, you can check our current status including the detection history here: https://proofcore.io/status/ We are undetected in COD since 11/2021 and are confident that it stays like that. We are one of the only provider that is semi-private and maintain a low userbase. As for your main account, its never recommended to cheat on an account you cant afford to lose. There is always a chance of a ban.
  9. -> We already released our Cheat for the MW3 Beta. It will come with the same features as our MW2 Cheat. If Warzone 2 is bound to MW3 yes. We might just bundle MW3+MW2+WZ2 into one product. Since our cheat was already released within the beta, it most likely will work just fine upon the new game release. Triggerbot isnt possible but we listen to feature requests from our customers.

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