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  1. It is always recommended to cheat on a smurf account. https://proofcore.io/status/ Undetected since release (March 2021).
  2. As i can see you already got access. Have fun.
  3. Xenos


    Crypto.com usually charge a lot of transfer fees. Use a different wallet.
  4. Yes we do support winver 21H1. Our cheats work without any BIOS changes.
  5. Xenos

    Apex Questions

    We're currently working on a new build which is being tested at the moment. I can't give you an exact time, but it won't be much longer. Testing is going perfectly so far. Thanks for your question and patience.
  6. Fortnite or Minecraft. Jk. Battlefield 4, Apex, R6S or New World once released.
  7. You dont need to change your BIOS or OS.
  8. Xenos


    Currently in testing phase.
  9. Xenos


    Depends on how you pay. Crypto is usually confirmed within 15 minutes. PayPal & CreditCard are instant.
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