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Proofcore MWIII Review

Proofcore is the greatest security cheat on the market. There is one reason everyone should come to Proofcore, and that is if they value security. However, there is room for improvement, especially if they want to dominate the market with more than just security.

When it comes to actually using the cheat, it's very easy to set up and use. Mind you, I have used Proofcore products before, so it may be a bit more difficult for people for the first time. After loading the game, you'd realize that the cheat has everything someone would need to succeed. Aimbot, wall hacks, and even vehicles But that's where you'd be mistaken. 

In terms of actual humanization, cheating is severely lacking. I do not think they would compromise security by adding humanization features too. such as some sort of deadzone to disable the aimbot on target, more aim bone options, visible only esp, or even a radar. These are just things that I feel are essential to helping people closet more effectively. It's really sad to see they probably never add these features.

TLDR: Proofcore is a popular security cheat, offering a wide range of features, including aimbot, wall hack, and vehicle esp. However, it lacks humanization, such as deadzone, aim bone options, visible only, and radar. These features are essential for closet-like gameplay and could improve Proofcore's market dominance. Despite its amazing security, there is room for improvement to enhance its effectiveness.

EDIT 1: Been using for a couple weeks as well.

8/10 - Proofcore MWIII

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to put in how long I had been using
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