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DayZ: a first run

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This is my first time going into DayZ with any software at all, but certainly not my first ever cheat. I did a lot of them and also tested some here on ProofCore back in the day..(z)..

With that being said, I have put in a little over 3 hours now and I´m ready to give a first verdict to what my experiences were.


The Good:

  1. The Aimbot: This Aimbot is a little more unique than usual. As in: it is silent (so your camera doesn´t flick to the target) and you have the option to turn on bullet TP (teleport the bullet straight to the enemy). On top of these options there is the normal FOV and Range slider so you can decide for yourselves from what distance the enemy gets hit and in what Player Field of View they get shot in. Then there is 2 options where the Aimbot aims to (Head and Chest). You can even let it show you where the bullet hit exactly (if you need to work on your recoil control). ---
  2. The ESP: The ESP let´s you customize basically everything. From what distance the enemy is supposed to be seen (up to 1100 m) and what extra info should be displayed like: Skeleton, Distance, Held Item (very useful). All of this also applies to the infected, as does the Aimbot. You can decided what Items are going to show up on your screen, as well as a distance for that too. You can also mark all Important locations + their distance to you. ---
  3. Misc: I haven´t really messed with these options but if it appeals to anyone, you can let your character auto-walk a certain distance for example (+3 that I haven´t tried yet). ---


The Bad

  1. The... Bad?: There isn´t really anything to complain about, the only thing that could make some people wonder "is this working correctly" is maybe the fact that the ESP sliders go all the way to 2000 but ""only"" show things 1100 meters away. This is not a problem for me or might I say for most people, but something to keep in mind if you (for some reason) want to see EVERYTHING. ---


The (most important thing for any provider) Security&Support:

  1. Security: So let me tell you this, you probably already know, to even be able to purchase anything you have to provide Identification. This might scare off people at first BUT you get something very valuable in return on top of everything else -> Higher security. This means, you are less likely to get banned, resulting in longer playtime and in less headaches. As you can see on several other reviews, people use this for weeks on end, no bans. And the Coding team that´s slapping good bypasses on the table, can´t forget the brains of the operation. ---
  2. Support: I was way more involved back in the day and was very active on the old Discord server (not sure if anyone remembers me, it was a long time ago), but all I can say is this: If you ask something, you receive a message, (usually) faster than advertised and with respect (if you are respectful yourself). The people here are very friendly and know what they are doing. ---


Closing Words:

Im pretty sure most of you know how these cheats work anyway and this was, probably, all in all a boring read. But this was more so for people that are interested in trying it out and providing them with information and showcasing what would be their first experiences here (hopefully). 

Thanks for reading, and have a good one.










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