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Just wanted to say I`m new to proofcoreio I was scared etc at first but its the best support and software I`ve used.
Been playing non stop with no bans 
The aimbot is great 10/10 for me as you can set up to look legit , the  WH esp etc all good also 10/10.
But for me the most important thing was the amazing support I recently just had from Xenos. I had a mix up with my warzone, he helped me with it and saved me alot of hassle.
Proofcoreio is a place im gonna be using from here on out, the ID set up had me worried at the start but as I said the support and community for me is unmatched.

Thanks !

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The verification process is used by several other providers as well. This one actually lets you request that they delete your pictures(never have I seen another provider do that). It’s the best security and keeps us able to cheese much longer without detection. All in all I’m for this level of security and I think most are too. Nice review tho man, I’m debating on using PUBG cheese myself and this was enticing. 🙂

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