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Proofcore ARK - Honest Review

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As an ARK player and a cheater for a couple of years now, and after utilizing many cheats for ARK: Survival Evolved, I write this honest review:


I can't really complain about the features that the cheat itself offers, as it seems to deliver what it states, however, the problem becomes when ARK: Survival Evolved is involved, since you need to play the game a lot and be a try hard at it in order to develop a flawless cheat for it. When regarding ARK: Survival Evolved cheats and the whole market in general, Proofcore.io is lacking a lot in order to be competitive on the ARK cheating market, since basic features are not in the cheat as of this review. I do not really know if the Proofcore.io team will be continuing the ARK cheat, but if they do, please consider this review for the next steps in order to improve the software itself. 

I'll now talk a bit about the features that are already in the cheat, what is lacking, and what needs to be improved (in my POV). I will NOT provide scores or grades for each section, since most features that are already in cheat performs great and most of this review will target what is missing and what needs to be improved in order to be an excellent cheat for ARK. 


Visuals --> 

The visuals on the ark cheat looks fantastic to be honest, it is spotless, and I enjoy it a lot, however, some features are lacking to the ESP and the visuals tab in general, some features are down below: 


Colors for ESP Box (Dinos & Players):

- Enemies (Default Red)

- Tribemates (Default White)

- Sleepers (Default Blue)

- Corpses (Default Black)

- Different ESP Box for Alpha Wild Creatures

- Different ESP Box Color for Visible & Invisible Enemies


Player ESP:

- Remove Tribemates from ESP

- Visible Check


Dinosaur ESP:

- Remove Tribemate's Dinos from ESP

- Display Only Alpha Creatures

- Display Only Wild Dinos

- Display Only Tamed Dinos

- Display Only Hidden Dinos (Reapers | Purlovias | Basilisks)

- Level Filter for Wild Dinos


Structures ESP:

- Turret ESP (Bullet Count)

- Cryofridges

- Storages (Vaults | Small Storages | Large Storages | Dedis) with slot count

- Generator ESP

- Sleeping Bag ESP

- Bed ESP


Other ESP:

- Supply Drop ESP

- Element Veins ESP for Extinction DLC

- OSD ESP for Extinction DLC


Aimbot -->

Aimbot on cheat currently is a basic aimbot, however, ARK doesn't really work this way, the hit register system is hard to figure and in order to do a perfect aimbot (8/8 shots), so many more features need to be added. Aimbot currently doesn't allow users to scope while shooting, believe it or not, you will miss a lot more with no scope, even with No Spread, No SwayNo Recoil. Some features that I personally need and it is not in cheat:

- Aim Prediction (Lag Compensation for Officials)

- More Aimbot Hitboxes [Head | Chest | Legs | Dynamic] (Dynamic aims for the least durability armor the target is using)

- Keep Target (Keep target if aimbot key is held, even if player view is outside FOV)

- Triggerbot 

- Triggerbot Key

- Trigger on Non-Tribemates

- Trigger on Tribemates


Misc -->

Nothing much to say about MISC section on cheat, since it works as intended, but as previously stated, lacks features. Some features in the MISC tab needs to go together with the AIMBOT section, since the aimbot will not work if No SpreadNo Recoil are not active, as you will just aim above the hitbox and miss every shot. Some features that I suggest:

- No Sway (So we can aim while scoped)

- Lag Compensation

- Infinite Orbit (Big "K" mode)

- Automatically equip armor on broken


As previously stated, lots of features are lacking, but I do believe the cheat has potential if it is carried on, and this thread can be used by the developers in order to know what they need to implement on the cheat itself. The player base on ARK is small compared to other games such as Apex Legends, and I see why the team wouldn't want to continue the project.




Regards, Doom.

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