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Apex Legends rewiev

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First sorry for my bad english

Aimbot - Im mostly using body aim witch works just fine u can make it really really legit with the right settings the head only aim doesent lock on perfectly on the head tho (maybe it does with the right settings but idk i dont use it that much) 8/10

ESP - Clean visuals altough it would be nice that we could adjust the distance on when the ESP is gonna show on screen also atm you cant turn off the show items thru walls idk why… 7/10

RCS - Perfect nothing to say about that really 10/10

Security - 10/10 actually UD not like other cheat providers dont be stupid and cheat OBV 

Overall - 8/10 would be nice to have more features and that we could adjust it more 

Good cheat be safe play smart



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On 5/27/2022 at 2:46 AM, LunchLord69 said:

They say the Apex Legends cheat is fine for streaming but if you can't hide seeing items through walls it sounds like that was a lie?

You can hide it using OBS/Medal but the cheat is down rn. 

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