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I know the process to get into proofcore is a tough one. Like who are these weirdos wanting my license and selfie? Trust me we got weirdos but they the good weirdos.


I bought the dayz cheese many times, use to buy another one they sold months back but is now discontinued. 

Dayz esp is very accurate and stable. Items are color coded for your viewing pleasure.
The magic bullet is well, just that ..... MAGIC. "You are Dead", send em back to the coast with ease. Custom FOV settings and convenient hotkeys for leg or head depending on how you want to end their existence.
Me personally, I hate playing in the dark so I tend to change the latency and they got it that too. Works like it should.

I have been a member here for months and buy constant 1 week subs, It works out for me and the security is top notch, 0 accounts red badged (game ban). I wear mine with pride when they come though, because as a cheese enthusiast I know it is inevitable. Bottom line is proofcore has done me right since the get and I am proud to be a member here and enjoy the community we have.


Overall, this is high quality Cheese. 

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