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How did you get into cheating?

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Hi, I'm new here to the Proofcore community. But not new to the cheating community

ive been pretty much cheating in every game i know. It started of as a curiosity and now has turned into a hobby.

The very first game i cheated in was Minecraft haha curious to your answers?


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Well, i´d like to play Counter Strike, but my stats was always 0:25 or even higher.

and since i´m an absolute Noob at all (even in life), i started cheating. but i think thats the average way of life of nearly every chater :) so i dont care =)

and best thing: since i´m cheating, i even win against my 3 years old cousin :) now am feeling like a real pro-gamer :)

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Hmm i got VaC banned on 8 Accounts by CSGO , 3 Account trough my Time in H1, Got multiple Gamebans and the List goes on. IDK i usually dont Cheat to win, acutally i cheat cauz its fun. At some Point in my Life i wish i would never cheated cauz i dont know my normal skill cauz i cheat in every game ? so yeah thats my Experience. BTW first game i cheat was Counter Strike Source ^^ back at the old days with a free cheat called Holzed or what ever i dont remember ? Looooong Time ago ? 

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My first game i was playing was Combat arms EU, i saw one with telekill and he got unlimited specs. I was searching for it to, yea this is my story. I cheated on Metin, H1, Csgo, Call of duty, Pubg, Rust, *******s six ***** and some shitty games. I mean im not Bad but yea i want to be better than normel

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I cheat because I don't have enough time to keep up with kids who siting on the game 12 hours a day haha. Mainly got into cheating with just ESP to give me a slight advantage! Now, I just use a loot ESP and don't use any player ESP because it ruins the gameplay for me and also It's more risky to use a player ESP because admins can ban you if they notice slight movements you make to see another player that you cannot actually see.

But yes, SweetChili, we are forever closet cheaters hahaha


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When I started playing DayZ I was all legit and put in a lot of effort. I finally grew tired of getting shot by players who magically appeared behind my back on a near-empty server or by looters who found my remote and well-hidden stashes with pinpoint accuracy.

Cheating in DayZ has been a real eye-opener for me - I discovered mega-stashes obviously set up to ruin the loot economy and fought maximum-distance battles with other cheaters. Most importantly I no longer feel like a total idiot for moving around all tactical&quiet when there's noone within a 1,000-meter radius. 

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I loved 7 Days To Die but Chinese hackers were kicking ass back in alpha 9-16.... I learned how to edit the CSharp DLL file and used it on non EAC Protected servers. Then started to use this on some modded servers also.

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Been cheating in games all my life. It all started with minecraft, then Tf2 and then all other games i got my hands on. 

I played semi-pro in the Norwegian CSGO league and Even cheated on stage while being on the big screen. 

I belive i’ve been banned on around 40-50 csgo accounts, 4 EFT accounts, 3 bf3, 3 bf4, 2 tf2, 10-12 faceit accounts, and more.

as of my cheating stats it does look like im a ragecheater, but im really not. All those banned account was used for testing every cheat i could Get my hands on to pick the perfect one. I’ve used everything from private cheat with a pricetag of 3000€-6000€ and resold cheats for 2€. 

I wont Even think about how much money i’ve spent on accounts and cheats, but i dont really care cause i love the fact of cheating. Not the fact that i have a edge over my opponent, but the feeling of actually feeling good in a game every single day. Cause there will be days when you play without cheats and you’re feeling like complete shait on the bottom of the scoreboard. But with cheats you can have that feeling even if you’ve had the worst day ever. 

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Honestly got tired of dealing with hackers and as the saying goes, if you can't beat them; join em..

Also really feels good when you can destroy streamers that talk to much shit because gaming is all they do all day.

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frustrated in CS because of the army of cheaters 😄

If i wanna play legit i play faceit, competative MM i just go in with smth that is not sus at all for 4 mates spectating but gives me sstrong upperhand ^^ Still no walls or anything, for gamesense reason. So i never rage, always closet.

Overall tho i just like the fact of winning really, and lets face(it): Cheating is just fun

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