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Honest review of Apex Legends PC

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I've been using Proofcore since the start of February by now and have enjoyed the experience thus far so I thought I'd leave a review. I will be updating the review as time goes on and as the cheat gets updated. 

Injection/Detection - 4.5/5

The injection has worked fine for me since the start, I've seen some people having issues although the support/userbase helped them fix their problem pretty quickly. The downside is that sometimes you need to spam INS to open the menu, can be frustrating when in game and wanting to turn item ESP off quickly.

The last detection to my knowledge was the 9th/10th of February of which Proofcore refunded time to those affected by the ban wave, this ban wave wasn't much of an issue at all because of the compensated time as well as the built in HWID spoofer to bypass any HWID bans.

ESP - 5/5

ESP works flawlessly, I haven't encountered any issues.

Item ESP - 4/5

This feature would be the buggiest of them all, I believe Proofcore know about all of the bugs and are well on their way to fixing them. As it stands the Item ESP works fine for the most part aside from giving the specific levels on some loot such and sometimes mislabeling level 2/3 armour as level 1 armour. Another issue I've noticed is that some weapons aren't picked up in the loot filter. But it's still usable it's not completely broken and has good filter options to display only what you want in a specific range. With the bug fixes it would easily be a 5/5

Aim - 4.7/5

The aimbot is simple and easy to use, the configuration of the FOV/smoothness is good aswell as having a visual indicator on screen to show current FOV of the aimbot. The only reason why it isn't 5/5 would be because its missing one crucial feature, that being visibility checks for "legit" cheating.

Speed/Time exploit - 5/5

Works as intended, another feature that I haven't had any issues with. Because of server side protection the most that I've used this feature at would be at 1.9 speed and that has worked fine for me.

Overall - 4.8/5

Although in need of some bug fixes and feature implementations this cheat is great and affordable and is arguably one of the best cheats for Apex on the market right now. The support for the cheat is great as well, very friendly staff here on the forum and the discord servers.

Overall the cheat is extremely recommendable for purchase.



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