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Day Z (Absolute Unit.)

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DayZ Standalone


  • Loads up quick.
  • You can manually set how far you want ESP/Loot to be displayed. 
  • Aim bot is on point.
  • Adjustable FOV.
  • Minimal FPS drop (Varies with your machine.)
  • Great, yet a simple amount of features to get you by. (I prefer simple features.)
  • Runs smooth.
  • Will make you a rich man. 


  • Skeleton ESP ( Which is known already, so stop complaining! 😉 )

 If you're looking for a very simple, effective, and efficient cheat, The team here at PROOFCORE provides that for you.

Thank you.

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13 hours ago, Bboysanchez said:

cant seem to get my aimbot to work good, mind me asking what settings you have?
I use the V key for the head and I use caps lock for my legs keys. FOV at 75.


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Thanks for the review, Im hoping i get accepted cause after looking at reviews etc this cheat rly looks amazing 

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Like the fact that you've written a Pro/Cons list, can't wait to get the cheat.

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