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Hello all,

i have been using Proofcore for more than a month now!

and i tried many cheats before to be honest and never thought of playing cheats without a spoofer or on my main account

i payed alot on my main account 5 heirloom shit, but with proofcore guys 1 month without spoofer without anything never got banned on any account

i rage sometimes xD but not often and yes i play with aimbot and wall but even with aimbot no one can tell im cheating i know alot of players using some other cheats

they even reached master and pred but after all they got banned but not me xD im still running around the map freely 

im so glad i got this product!! and i dont know how to express how glad i am with the product i got but i hope this review will express how thankful i am !


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Glad you enjoying our cheat, if you have any suggestions for the cheat feel free to leave them here: 


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