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Arma 3 review

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I played a lot of Arma and now I played some hours with the Arma 3 cheat from proofcore. I used some cheats before so I think I can give you a good review. 🙂

obviously you don’t pay for many features (since there 3) but that’s okay. You pay for a good security which is more important than just some random features. It would be nice to write more about the security but I played not enough. The murder mode makes me laughing all the time. Standing at a weird spot with a trg and snipping people. But for now I would give the cheat a solid 7.5/10.

why? Because I would like to have some more features like in the old menu. But everything which gets advertised by the staff is true and with a AAA+ quality.

So if you interested in a good Arma 3 cheat with a professional security to be safe (there is always the risk to get banned) buy this cheat.

okay thanks bye.

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Thanks for your review. You should try using murder mode while sitting in a ghost hawk. You can get a shitload of kills while still looking legit if you are doing it correctly. 

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