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Howdy everyone so ive said fuck it cause im bored so im doing a 1 week giveaway to any of the provided cheats.

To enter this giveaway please do the following

-give me a reason why you should win

-leave your discord 

- dont be fruity ;)


Winner will be annouced on my yt (xenxc) on either this saturday and/or this sunday

(I will also be streaming the results so people dont think i have rigged this)

So have fun and best of luck

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Ive bought the cheat before but can't buy it again. I wish to be able to cheat again! :)


° - °#3907

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Hi there, my name is ummmm DarellZa (100% not fruity) I think I should win cause I am the elite haxor 1337 of this entire community and I am secretly Silver. (Dont tell nobody)


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Discord: Luke_#8864

I would like to win because my username is my bank account yet i'm still poor af. ❤️ See you on the stream!


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