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Z1BR made 2 easy

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Let me start off the bat with saying I've had the z1 cheat for around 2 weeks. Aimbot is wonderful, visuals are nice. Settings can be tricky but honestly the only tricky thing is having to set your bullet velocity etc (which are on the forums with the best settings).

Aimbot (9/10):

Aimbot is great, believe me. It's the game and having to predict that fucks it up. Just play low fov, with a harder lock (lower smoothness) and you're going to look more legit than you can absolutely imagine.


Visuals (9/10):

Giving visuals 9/10 because as of right now (march 4th, 2020 or whatever) you can't disable the vehicle esp properly. only gets 1 point off due to that. Also it is actually stream proof, you can get some really cool clips without even looking like a cheater 😄


Detection (10/10):

Alright so as far as detection, I'm honestly not worried one bit about getting a ban (outside of a manual ban by daybreak because you know, don't go too obvious). Proofcore does a lot to keep their shit secure and I've only learned that more and more as I've been scrolling around in the forums and being in the discord (which you have to be verified to be in).


Support (10/10):

The people here are great, I personally haven't had to deal with needing support but seeing the people in the cord getting help without any worries, and no-one flaming I can see it's a kick-ass group of supports.


Overall, the h1z1 (or z1br cheat) is great. It's actually got a pretty low price for the fact its a battleye secured cheat. 90 dollars may seem like a lot for one month, but lets be real, if you're cheating in a game like h1, the price isn't the issue, it's the detection and proofcores got that shit down. Only suggestion to those buying the cheat, don't cheat obvious. Bans come quick if you're blatant, and never because the cheat itself is detected, just your stupid playstyle.


The uploaded image is an example of the player esp working great even while loading in to a match, remember that the cheat doesn't have no clip this is just h1 fucking up. But I am able to see players before they fully load in, plus can see exactly who's going where.


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Glad to see you enjoying our Z1 cheat, hopefully you will resub again and if you have any suggestions for the cheat please feel free to let us know here :


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