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Community update: PayPal added to store + prices changed + special discount for customers

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Hello. Since quite a lot of different things needs to be announced and noone likes reading long texts, let's not waste any time and get to the important stuff:

PayPal has been added to the store:

Yes, it's right, you can finally purchase all of our cheats directly from our store with PayPal and without any additional reseller fees! After that, your subscription is added automatically, no need to wait for an administrator to manually approve it!

Bitcoin is still available as well, the required confirmation count has been lowered to 1 confirmation so our BTC users are able to start cheating even faster as well!

All other payment methods are still available through our reseller @Mar1k. Please don't contact him for PayPal payments anymore, only use the store itself for that.

But yes, you need to be "Verified" to purchase with PayPal as well. There is no way to bypass our ID verification system, your transaction will be refused.

Prices have been changed:

  • DAYZ, R6S and A3 are 44.99$ /week and 89.99$ /month from now on.
  • APEX is 34.99$ /week and 69.99$ /month from now on.
  • Z1BR, DBDL and ISS are 29.99$ /week and 59.99$ /month from now on.

Why have the prices been changed?

  1. Adapted prices to the current cheat market
  2. PayPal is now available in store without any additional fees (same price as BTC)
  3. We now offer a permanent 25% discount for secondary, tertiary, ... subscriptions that can be used by customers that already have an active subscription and want to try a different cheat that we offer for the first time

25% permanent discount for customers on secondary, tertiary, etc subscriptions:

To "compensate" the small price increase, we decided to give existing (and future) customers that have at least 1 active sub the opportunity to try a second (and a third, etc) of our cheats for a reduces price.

The coupon code "CustomerDiscount25"...

  • ...can be used by users who have the "customer" role (=atleast 1 active sub)
  • ...can only be used for cheats that you haven't purchased before (no renewals)
  • ...gives you a 25% discount if the requirements above are met

The coupon code can be entered during checkout as explained below:



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