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Detailed review of the ProofCore DayZ Cheat

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I must say beforehand that I have played Dayz since it was an ARMA II mod, but I have never purchased serious game cheese until Fall 2023.




When looking for videogame cheeses to purchase for "big boy money" from an actual developer, I primarily focused on reliability and the cheese not being some sorta scam. If you are reading this review, unsure whether or not to spend your money on this service - I commend you for your cautiousness. It always serves well to be careful, or maybe rise questions over suspicious activity over your authorization taking too long, even to the point of creating threads in forums regarding your application ticket gaining suspicious amount of views. If this is your first time and you feel the instructions to obtain authorization are too suspicious, everything is normal with you. I personally felt MAD SUS.

Despite feeling like I definitely annoyed proofcore staff with my sus feelings during first purchases, I was surprised to see them assist me within 24H to authorize me, as well as spend quite some time troubleshooting why my loader wont work. Every time I had a reason to think that I wasted 70$ on a monthly subscription, proofcore quickly finds a way to humble me. I know myself as a very impatient person (why tf do you think im buying сhеаts for Dayz LMFAO), but the way proofcore has assisted me had me feel like losing 2 days out of my 30 month subscription is a very very very small loss compared to the service they provide me. The reason I take away 1 point from SERVICE QUALITY is because you need to purchase cheese in order to become verified in order to be able to see forum threads that prove that proofcore is a reputable and trusted service. 

I want to highlight that while I sometimes see people complain about proofcore locking their account despite doing nothing wrong, when I personally requested a HWID reset 4 TIMES IN 6 HOURS due to being stupid about connecting & disconnecting my external monitor, they rather politely explained to me how HWID works and assisted all 4 times. I am eager to believe that you have to do something wrong in order to "waste your money" by not being able to use the service anymore. 

Despite the fact that it is very unlikely that the loader will work during your first time, it serves very well to put your trust in proofcore staff. While I might be a rare case of stupidity, it took me ~24 hours to get the cheese working properly. The entire time I was given suggestions by proofcore staff to try this or that, including having them connect to and directly access my PC when they ran out of options. I think it was when they offered that option and spent ~1H on it, that I completely stopped thinking that proofcore.com was scammy in any way. Before you would even get to proofcore.com having to assist you directly, you will likely have gone through multiple threads with suggestions from staff on why cheese might not be working. 

Should I mention that they offer almost exactly same features that other services do, but for considerably lesser price?


The cheese that is offered can really be broken down into 4 parts: ESP (seeing objects around you anywhere), AIMBOT, MISCELLANNEOUS< & SECURITY

ESP: 9/10

The ESP is exactly how you expect a cheese ESP to work. It shows you items around you, with possibility to adjust the distance these items are shown at. You can really say goodbye to any loot that you previously missed out on because it was spawned in the fucked up corner of a ruined building. You will, however, discover just how many servers are set up horribly because items often spawn in places you can never retrieve them from. Surprisingly, if you have a shit of a PC, proofcore.com also accommodates you in that you can adjust the update rate of the loot, making it less overwhelming to use ESP on large distances on weak computers.

The reason for taking away one point is not because proofcore.com sucks, but rather because of how the game engine works. Any non-vanilla, modded item will fall under ESP category of "UNSORTED". It is important to understand that proofcore.com does this in order to increase security and avoid detection from BattleEye. I personally found out that the only way to combat that is to set loot ESP distance to less than 100m when looting. 

As always, the best way to use the ESP to avoid detection is using it to the minimum; act like you would still act without ESP, loot like you would still loot without ESP, play like you would still play without ESP. While that might sound redundant in some way, it doesnt really matter when you see an enemy skeleton 1000m away with exact weapon in his hand and are given at least 10 minutes to plan your unsuspicious course of actions.

AIMBOT: 0?/10

I have to admit that I do not know enough about the aimbot being to provide an honest rating. I do not play Dayz for the sake of landing perfect shots like I would in any other FPS. I do not enjoy having the highest KD during my playthrough. All of those things lead to eventually being detected. Almost 90% of my usage of proofcore.com service is limited to using ESP only. 

Granted, I do use aimbot for dealing with zombies, but that is only because I ASSUME that the average community server admin will find it very much less suspicious that I am landing perfect shots on "predictable" zombies but not players. 

I should absolutely mention, however, that proofcore.com offers rates of successful hits when using aimbot, as well as other important parameters that tremendously help avoid detection. I tend to not use them, but if you find it absolutely important to have the highest KD, proofcore.com can accommodate to make it last longer before you get detected.


Giving it 10/10 because it is what it says it is. As I already mentioned before, proofcore.com offers you to adjust the throttle and therefore the processing required from your PC to render loot at large distances. If you have a weak PC or laptop, there is still a high change that this cheese will work with the options they provide.

The ability to change latitude is incredible, especially on servers where nighttime is made more difficult, resulting in your character seeing zero shit in the dark or even with a flashlight on. 

There are many other features in the MISC section, but I will have to admit that at the moment of writing this review, I have not used proofcore for 2-3 months and do not remember all exact features in the tab anymore. I still felt compelled to write the review of this section as I am planning to continue using proofcore.com in the foreseeable future; I shall update this section once I re-sub.


Nuff said. I have used the same proofcore.com subscription across 3 different Dayz (and therefore STEAM) accounts for a total of 4 months. Needless to say, I have not been detected yet. Not sure what more can be expected of in this category.

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