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DayZ Review after 1 month

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So i would like to start with congratulating the dev for such a great work



ProofCore is one of the best tools i've ever used. Everything works 100% as described, never had any type of issue with the loader / in game with the tool

The ProofCore staff is 10/10 always helped in need of information about anything or with HWID request always <30min response time.


Aimbot 10/10

Aimbot always works as you want it to, super easy to setup

Has snap lines wich in my opinion are useful as fuck

And its just 10/10 not really much to add here since its aimbot idk what you expect to see here.

ESP 9.5/10

So when it comes to ESP you can find ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING you want on Vanilla

But since i assume most people play on moded servers this is where the ESP loses .5 out of the rating

To find moded items you need to tick the "Unsorted" icon that shows mapping assets and such but that is fine

And we all need to understand that they dont wanna make a "modded" option to tick in ESP because that can be a security hazard

So with all being said the ESP if you know how to use it (It dosen't take a lot to learn how to) it can be a very powerful tool when it comes ti finding what you need.

And when it comes to players / entities its solid 10/10 spotting people at max distance always. It has never happend to me that the ESP did not draw something and i got caught by suprise.

Misc ?/10

-I've never used any of the options.


Security ProofCore/10

I've used ProofCore over 5 diffrent accounts not one of the accounts got banned by BE and never even doubted that 10/10 when it comes to security.



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On 2/8/2024 at 6:15 PM, alexsan43 said:

Does it have streamproof option to record video with cheats, but on video it would be hidden?

Yes, just record the game window not your desktop.

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Doest the silent aim/ bullet tp work? I would like to use it on server that uses a lot of sniper rifles, but would need a small help of bullet tp 😄
All of the cheats that I found to dayz had broken Silent aim that worked  only on fully automatic weapons.

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