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Question about MW3 and MW2 battle.net and Steam activision unlinking and bans

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what im worried about is you have to purchase mw3 through bnet or steam if you get banned you have to buy mw3 all over again how can we get past this like obviously people raging and saying play like this until im banned so say you get banned do you have to buy mw3 again like how do we get past this I know you can unlink your account to activision but how can we use our copy of mw3 if the accounts banned is there away to unlink bnet or steam to activision account and use new activision account with same bnet or steam account thats has mw3 or mw2 i want mw3 and mp for mw2 but haven't bought it due to if I get banned habe to buy games again so I only wz2 for now any help would be great thanks

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Thanks for the answer lol all I can say is your brave I love the mw3 rage video last question im sure you've been sb multiple times already if shadowed due to manual reports do you play without cheats until out of shadow or do you not play on that account until sb is over completely? Just wanting a little insight on how you get by because your videos on YouTube are fucking 🔥 and hilarious im jealous but im not rich I can't buy new game over and over making accounts is nothing all I can say is your the man and I respect you sir wanting to learn without seeming to nosey I closet hack for now on warzone 2 I could rage but haven't all though warzone is free bnet and steam is free making new activision is free so I could but I really want mp on mw2 and mw3 in general but get caught buy again is a deterrent for me lol 

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Shadowbans usually stay between 1 and 7 days. You cant really play the game when you are SB and your hardware is also flagged.

SB are somewhat common, it mostly depends if you receive a lot of reports. If thats the case you will encounter SB frequently, like many non-cheating users. If you play legit enough with the cheat you should be fine. 

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