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DayZ - PUBG - COD review


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Customer since mid 2022, on and off because of real life and other games.

Cheats I subscribed:

  • DayZ, PUBG, MW2 and MW3 beta, ArmA 3

My review will only be for the first 3 games because I only had A3 for a week, not really my type of game.


spacer.png DayZ Cheat

Most valuable cheat of all. Best one I tried. Its actually never been down when I wanted to play, straight always up. 

Loaded with functions, not everything that is possible but everything that is needed to legit and rage. Quick tip: dont rage unless you dont care about server bans.

Not a single ban on any of my three accounts (I do different things on each account)

Functions work 100% like the cheat. I didnt encounter any bugs or problems.

9/10  ❤️ 


spacer.png PUBG Cheat

Top of the line cheat, has never let me down. 

All features work. With some fiddeling of the settings the aimbot can look very natural and legit but with rage config it can also be hitting hard.

Only had one ban in months and that was because of rage cheating on a fresh f2p account. Quick tip: if you rage use a PLUS account.

ESP is awesome, aimbot can be optimized for far ranges. The prediction is sometimes off. But if you dont plan on hitting moving players at 300-400+ meters, you will be fine.

Worth every single penny of that 50$. All the other cheats I looked into start at 80 bucks.

9/10 ❤️ 


spacer.png COD Cheat

Good cheat, works as I want it to be.

Function wise it has a few. It is a legit only cheat, not meant to be used to rage. Sure, it can also be rage like with zero smooth aimbot but nothing like the internals.

Aimbot and full ESP, both with vis check is all you get. 

The greatest part is that it has an auto updater. For me personally, the cheat was never not working when I injected. After a patch, no matter the size it always worked.

Price wise its on the high end side but for being the only somewhat private cod cheat with barely any users I do pay the premium.

Review also applies for the MW3 beta. Nearly the same cheat.

8/10 ❤️ 

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