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Arma 3 Review *1 week*

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First of all: I had a blast using this cheat on Exile! I basically dominated the whole server and did not get banned!!


The review will be broken down into different sections, giving each section a rating from 1-10 (10 is the best and 1 the worst score)


1. Injection/usability: 10/10

I had zero issues injecting the cheat. I worked everytime flawlessly. No Bluescreen, No Crashes, it just works! That's a thing you only get with providers that know what they are doing!


2. ESP : 9/10

The ESP works very good on this cheat. You have a lot of options on customizing the ESP to your liking. Player and Vehicle ESP worked for me, no issues for me here. The only thing I have to subtract a point for is the flickering. I tried turning on VSync but It did not help. If you guys fix this issue, the ESP is flawless.


3. Aimbot: 7/10

This is the most valuable feature in the cheat in my opinion. Silentaim is working like a charm! The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the normal aimbot is kinda broken to a point where it is not working all the time. Sometimes is does, sometimes it is off the enemy player model. I don't know if it is supposed to be like that with smart bullets on but other than that it works. Chest Aimbot is broken but as far as I know it's already being worked on by the devs!


4. Misc: 10/10

I cant go into too much detail here because I only used No grass and no sway which both seemd to work as intended so iam happy with it!


5. Security: 10/10


As I expected I didn't get banned which is a huge plus on my end! And the time it's being UD (almost 3 years) should speak for itself! Nothing to worry about here!


6. Conclusion: 46/50 Points


It is a very solid cheat and if you are looking for a decently priced piece of software that will allow you to win all fights no matter what, you should get yourself a sub to this and experience it for yourself! It is worth it believe me 🙂


Cheers to Proofcore!






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