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PUBG Review (펍지 후기)


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This can be a bit underwhelming review as I never use any features in all my cheese except player ESP.

ESP 10/10

1. I love how minimalistic and light the loader is. This is prolly the only loader I've seen that's so responsive.

2. ESP Works wonders with quick on/off just for the kicks. I tend to turn it off after checking the vicinity and/or while traveling to minimize any possible unintended suspicious behavior from my own.

3. The cheat is stream proof (Tested on Discord only) - Both game stream and screen share did NOT show that you're using this beauty.

4. After sales care was superb. No bullshit just straight to the point -> Create a ticket with full details = Fix received in less than 12hrs.

*I've played total 35 matches as I write this review. I'll use this on my main account once I reach 50 games without problem.

**As for new players checking to see if this cheese is worth the purchase, I highly suggest you do. You won't regret it.


ESP밖에 안써서 조금 부족하겠지만 없는 것보다 나을거라 생각해 후기 남김.

일단 ESP는 10/10임.

1. 로더 자체가 초경량이라 반응도 빠르고 주입도 빠름

2. ESP 껏다키기 (기본 옵션이긴 하지만)로 수시로 주변 확인하면서 돌아다니면 100% 안걸린다고 보면 됨. 키고 다녀도 상관 없는데 본인이 무의식적으로 의심될 만한 행동을 할 수 있으니까 껐다 필요할때만 키는 거 추천.

3. 디코에서 화면공유랑 게임스트림 둘다 핵쓰는 거 안보임. (디코만 테스트해봄)

4. 문제 생기면 영자한테 징징거리지 말고 바로 서포트 티켓 끊으셈. 준비하라는 거 한번에 다 업로드 해줘야 빨리 처리해줌. 가끔 한국애들이 무지성 승질부리는 거 보이는데 1도 도움 안됨. (도움 필요하면 나한테 DM하삼)

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