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Firstly, I've been using this cheat for almost 2 and half weeks so far and heres my Review:

ESP - 7 - 10  The ESP on the cheat does exactly what it says its going to do, But reason why ive put it 7/10 is because of certain things missing from the ESP such as Grenades, Traps only come up under the Undefined option which i mainly play Modded which is a pain sometimes because on modded theres alot of custom items and buildings which clutter the screen to a point i have to turn it off resulting in me stepping on an sneaky landmine or tripwire in certain situations. Also Dead Survivors do not come under the Corpse section, im not sure if its a bug but again they only show under the undefined option enabled, But From clothes to guns the ESP is crisp and clean and easy to read. Hopefully in the future we get a panic button which turns off ESP which would be a neat addition to the cheat!

Silent Aim - 10 - 10  When activated this thing is a monster, You get in a tricky situation? Just activate this and chances are you will walk away from lots of battles and keep your gear! It does exactly what its meant to do, Never had issues with it, Also the Recently added Multi point and Randomized aim is brilliant to keep those admins away from recognizing you as a cheater in CFTools.

Misc - 10 - 10 The Auto Run Feature is also amazing if you just died and say you need to grab a beer or something you set that up easily and it runs you to where you select!

Security - 10 - 10   I've Heard nothing but good things from proofcores community members and it didn't disappoint, Any issue i had was solved almost instantly through support, and Some people are sketchy with ID verification but these guys i was willing to trust and because of that The cheat has remained undetected for years!

Finshing up, I've been nothing but impressed with the cheat in general, If you're looking for a dayz cheat then look no further as these offer if not the best DayZ Cheat around at an affordable price.   

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