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Ark Review

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First of all i have to say im pretty new to Proofcore. 



So i bought the Ark Cheese yesterday and today i started using it. 



The Loader is really good and the Injection works nearly every everytime.



The Aimbot is pretty good

customization could be better but thats not a Problem, sadly there is a Problem,

when a Player sits on a Tamed Dino the Aimbot straight up stops working, same when you Zoom in with Weapons.

Also the Ignore Tribe Members option doesnt work.



Now comes the Part the frustrated me a little bit.

Yes the ESP works, but its buggy and has like 10% of Features that the other Cheats have.

For basic Blue Orb Bow PvP its enough but other than that its basically useless.

Why that ? 

- You cant show Level of Dino's

- You cant Filter Dinos

- You cant Filter Tamed/Wild Dinos

- You cant display Structures

- ESP doesnt display Players that are sitting on a Dino.



Everything works as expected. 



As i mentioned above im pretty new to proofcore, but everyone that thinks about buying proofcore should know that their Cheese's are Undetec,

Also there are nearly 0 Ban's as ive read so far.



Proofcore as a Provider is 10/10 

Staff is instant there for you,

Community is really nice,

and apart from Ark the other Cheese's are AWESOME (not saying ark is not good yk)


What comes next is NOT an Insult against Proofcore, its just my Opinion !!!


I just THINK (not know) there was not much Love put in the Ark Cheese  because Priorities where set somewhere else.

But that could change, because (and i hope Staff reads my Review) i think there is currently no perfect Ark Cheese, by that i mean a Cheese that is reliable, has all necessary Features and 

is REALLY undetect and if there is one Provider that can achieve this than it is Proofcore !!! 



Will i reniew my Ark Sub ? Probably yes in the hopes that an Update comes because as i said its the only BE Undetected Cheese

Would i suggest Proofcore ?

ARK : Depends on what you want to use the Cheese for. 

All other Cheese's : 100% Yes




Hope i didnt upset anybody but it should be clear that i love proofcore, i hope my Review helped 🙂

PUBG Review coming soon... (so far AWESOME)

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