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I don't even know where to begin to explain how much my expectations have been blown away by Proofcores Cheat. It is simple yet exactly what caters to my needs, I don't need fancy visuals and a huge variety of features to leave a nice review.

Aimbot 10/10

The Aimbot can be configured to be more legit (high smooth, low fov) or more rage-like (low smooth, high fov) - I used only Legit because of Manuals, it works as intended and is pretty strong. I never got called out or anything. I just can say for small/medium range it's overpowered. Click Heads. Profit?

ESP 10/10

I like the ESP, you can customize it to your likes and espacially it doesnt lag. (Trust me a Lagging ESP is the Worst ever).  I personally use the Toggle Feature alot which is Helping in alot of Cases. Nothing much to say, pretty neat.

Loot ESP 9/10

Used it only to Test it, works as intended gets your loot i.e. meds, gear, weapons, etc. Extremely helpful if you land in a bad spot but needing those juicy Level 3's. Still great.

Misc 11/10

The Reduced Sway, Reduced Recoil, Spectator Count is so usefull. The Sway and Recoil are helping alot in every Situation just an Awsome Feature, i really like that u still have recoil and can make it look really legit. The Spectator Count is my Favorite Feature of the Misc Tab, Just reminds you, that u are watched and should play extra Legit.

Overall 10/10

Proofcore PUBG on Top.



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