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Example of which info CFTools stores of you, DayZ

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For anyone wondering what information CFTools stores of you then there's a slightly redacted version (removed personal info) in the attachments. To get the similar info about yourself make a ticket in CFTools website and invoke your right to the article 15 of the GDPR. They will send you a very extensive file.


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There doesn't seem to be an edit button on mobile device. 

Revoking the article 17 of GDPR which regulates the "right to be forgotten" I have successfully cleared my CFTools data. Although I am unsure of how the bans are going to be issued and stored now. 




Your account has been terminated and all personal identifiable information has been deleted.

You will now no longer be able to access any CFTools services. This also includes third party services facilitated through or by CFTools.

Based on our legitimate interesst in accordance with GDPR article 6, section 1 (Germany, DSGVO), we will retain some necessary information to continue to provide our services and prevent our systems from gathering your data in the future.


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On 3/22/2022 at 1:13 PM, fyben said:

I can confirm this has removed any and all details they used to tie me to previous bans.

Does this mean a admin banned account can join other servers? 

I have a server ban from one server that spread to a bunch. Would this help that account or for a new one? Thanks

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On 4/23/2023 at 10:23 PM, vitripysimon12 said:

@fybenWhats the purpose of getting ur info removed?

With deleted information they cant ban you anymore from their banlist as the information is gone.

Afaik its useless, but always worth a try.

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