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This is why you should buy Proofcore PUBG


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First of all proofcores aimbot, is extremely accurate and can make you look like a legit killer - you dont want that, so go out and buy a public cheat, which get you detected and banned instantly 
2nd The esp have an option to toggle during gaming by a hot key, but everyone knows that its really nice to have clutter all over the screen while fighting, so dont buy because of this stupid feature. 
3rd. Being able to see cars and loot drop, is stupid - so just dont even think about using proofcore becuase of this, who wants lvl 3 gear right 😉
4th. the recoil compensation, can easily be used alone without aimbot, and still kill people, while it looks like you control everything yourself.. But everyone knows you recoil should look like a meta gun from COD, and get you server sided banned instantly - So again, dont buy proofcore because of this awesome feature 
5th  - No sway ? do i even need to say anything, besides DMR and high kill games 😉
6th - Why do you wanna pay a competitive price for a cheat that doesnt get you banned - go out and search google for "pubg cheat" and buy the first announced/ paid ad from google for overprice, and get you main rekt in 2 hours
7th - Not to mention the optimization, i have never tried a cheat that runs this well - But who wanna have high FPS, 😉 
Dont be like me, and buy proofcore - im having so much fun, and no one want that right. 
Ps i got q'ed up with other cheaters a couple of times, even though i get more kills than them, they dont call me out 

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