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PUBG Review [First 48HRS]


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Cheat runs fine and have had 0 issues so far. Occasionally the loader will be wonky but that's nothing crazy / too annoying. I mainly run player ESP and occasionally toggle loot ESP if I need something mid / late game. If you use it at the start and instantly go for good stuff or slow down and look like a bot then surely that'll increase your odds of being banned 😉 If I use aimbot then I do something like max 420 distance 😜, bind both side buttons and do smoothness 10 with fov 50-60. If you can already use the guns decently then ESP is all you'll need. Spectator feature is major plus too! I will do a status update in a few days / week or more! 10/10 cheat for anyone who might be hesitant or need help persuading that one friend who is horrible but too scared to cheat and they want that extra proof 🤣

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8 hours ago, donkeydonk said:

they require picture of ID, they can use that for something you know


As Yoda stated, you can hide any important information. They only require your DOB & Picture proof of you + the ID -shrug- I guess if you don't have a ID then that's a issue but otherwise, I see nothing wrong. I'd much rather have that one extra step + a slight wait time vs having bots come on here and spread misinformation ^_^ If your hesitant to purchase, don't be! Proofcore has shown me over the last 72hrs that they know what they are doing and I will surely purchase more products from them!

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Just got that sexy One Week Badge!

- First week thoughts. 10/10. Great menu and entirely undetectable. My main is still up and running with no issues and I've raged on a few alts. Of course the alts didn't last because reports and moderation are factors along with anticheat measures to detect recoil patterns and such (If this is even still a method they use, I remember it was one of their very first ones) Very stable menu and no issues with the loader at all. Of course there was a slight downtime a few days ago but it didn't last long at all! Dev(s) really know their shit and deserve all the 💰

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