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Conan Exiles Review

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I just found this community recently and I'm really impressed so far. I like that there's a verification process to help filter out problem users. I had to go through an extra verification step after buying the cheat, but it was easy enough and the staff answered almost instantly to get me set up.


I'm using the Conan Exiles loader and so far everything has been running great. The ESP runs smooth and works well for NPC and PC names. I haven't tried the aimbot at all and probably won't use it for anything personally, but it would probably be great for archery spec PVP.

I think the groundwork for an excellent ESP has been laid here and I would love to see a few important additions added in the future that I think would make it a lot more desirable to future customers as well. If you are unfamiliar with the game, players build their own bases and place down beds and bedrolls as spawn points. Adding beds/bedrolls would be tremendously helpful to be able to find bases and destroy spawn points when you are raiding someone (or defending). Also a filter for player loot containers (wooden chest, large chest, eldarium chest, vault) would be huge for two reasons, one because it can be near impossible to find chests of someone you are raiding if they are playing smart, and two because it would be helpful to find the bases of anyone that built in the mesh or is using a sky base.


With NPC and PC render distance seemingly hard-capped at 150 meters by official servers, it may also be a way to find player bases from further away, since buildings seem to have a higher render distance.


If you are on the fence about buying this cheat, I would say go for it. Despite my hopeful desires to see those few additions, it's still a great ESP and the staff deserves your support.



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