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On 2021/12/1 at PM5点21分, sugar said:


你好,我在提交申请的时候 管理员给了我这个回复image.jpeg.6fea38649888e8d371495c51ee2b420e.jpeg请问一下这句话什么意思啊?是让我关闭VPN么?还是想看看我用的什么加速器?或者是其他什么意思?

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I still can't use it

I followed the tutorial

I make sure Microsoft Firewall is closed

My computer is the version of win10 1909. After logging in to the cheater, the blue screen will appear after injection

I just changed my computer system to win10 20H2 version, and it will still be blue after injection

What should I do, please?

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