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Destroying PUBG with Proofcore.io


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2 minutes ago, kenpachi90 said:

Can share your setting?

Smooth = 15 - 20 (For legit MB5)

Fov = 70-80 ( legit MB5)


Smooth = 3-6 (Legit / kinda blatant MB1)

FOV = 70-80 (Legit / kinda blatant MB1)

everything else is preference wise

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31 minutes ago, Just4Fun said:

hello guys, i am new here and have a question. 
Is this cheat safe? i heard only good things about proofcore
How long is it safe and one importan question, is it possible to play with esp but see the enemy as SKELETON? 

thank you for help

All your questions can be answered by looking on the website

Is this cheat safe: https://proofcore.io/status/

What are the features: https://proofcore.io/cheats/pubg/

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