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【PUBG】Real experience evaluation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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【PUBG】Real experience evaluation⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

  • ESP 9/10

              The ESP function is good, it shows items and enemies, health, range, etc,FPS drops slightly.But not very much.

  • AIMBOT 10/10

         AIMBOT is perfect. One thing I really like about AIMBOT is that it has No recoil, which is very important. You can customize 2 different buttons for ,Custom aiming speed, in Na and EU there is a monitoring system where the speed of automatic aiming determines whether you are being watched and judged as a cheating player,"Proofcore" does very well, it looks very legal when the autoaim speed is set very high

  • conclusion

        Proofcore. IO is the best cheat on the market right now,It hasn't been found since May 2021,This is good news for some players whose accounts are very valuable,You can safely take the precious account to use.I suggest you try this product

The product has Streaming/Recording, which is a very good function for live broadcast personnel. You can boldly use it during live broadcast, and the audience will not see it.


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30 minutes ago, dachengzi said:

请问,现在是 2021 年 5 月吗?论坛好像是从2020年5月到现在

Yes, in May 2020, has never been found, you can find the answer you want from https://proofcore.io/status/

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25 minutes ago, dachengzi said:


Improve automatic aiming speed

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Just now, xiaolu1313 said:


锁了以后 开枪就不会啊 有啥蠢的 自瞄平滑一点就可以了

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Just now, gator said:


开了去除反冲 打连狙压到地上了,不开步枪飘天上去。

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