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Found 8 results

  1. Hello and welcome to my detailed review of Apex Legends after spending a solid 1.5 months immersing myself in the game. Firstly, I'd like to talk about the ESP. My experience with the ESP has been overwhelmingly positive. It's impressively well-integrated and comes with a range of handy features that significantly enhance gameplay. I've noticed no issues with lag or bugs, which is commendable. Specifically, the Item ESP functionality stands out for its reliability and efficiency, consistently proving to be a valuable tool during matches. Moving on to the Aimbot. The precision and assistance it provides can be quite game-changing. However, I've observed some inconsistencies, particularly when the 'Visible Only' setting is activated. In these instances, the Aimbot tends to flick in random directions where there are no enemies, which can be quite jarring and, frankly, gives off a somewhat sketchy impression. This is something that might need a bit of tweaking to ensure smoother gameplay. Regarding the Radar feature, I must mention that I haven't really utilized it in my gameplay. Therefore, I don't feel qualified to comment on its effectiveness or impact. To wrap it up, after a thorough and extended experience with the game, my overall rating for Apex Legends would be a solid 7 out of 10. The game delivers a robust and engaging experience, but there are areas, particularly with some of the more advanced features like the Aimbot, where there's room for improvement. Despite these minor setbacks, the game has been an enjoyable journey, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves in the future.
  2. First of all: I had a blast using this cheat on Exile! I basically dominated the whole server and did not get banned!! The review will be broken down into different sections, giving each section a rating from 1-10 (10 is the best and 1 the worst score) 1. Injection/usability: 10/10 I had zero issues injecting the cheat. I worked everytime flawlessly. No Bluescreen, No Crashes, it just works! That's a thing you only get with providers that know what they are doing! 2. ESP : 9/10 The ESP works very good on this cheat. You have a lot of options on customizing the ESP to your liking. Player and Vehicle ESP worked for me, no issues for me here. The only thing I have to subtract a point for is the flickering. I tried turning on VSync but It did not help. If you guys fix this issue, the ESP is flawless. 3. Aimbot: 7/10 This is the most valuable feature in the cheat in my opinion. Silentaim is working like a charm! The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the normal aimbot is kinda broken to a point where it is not working all the time. Sometimes is does, sometimes it is off the enemy player model. I don't know if it is supposed to be like that with smart bullets on but other than that it works. Chest Aimbot is broken but as far as I know it's already being worked on by the devs! 4. Misc: 10/10 I cant go into too much detail here because I only used No grass and no sway which both seemd to work as intended so iam happy with it! 5. Security: 10/10 As I expected I didn't get banned which is a huge plus on my end! And the time it's being UD (almost 3 years) should speak for itself! Nothing to worry about here! 6. Conclusion: 46/50 Points It is a very solid cheat and if you are looking for a decently priced piece of software that will allow you to win all fights no matter what, you should get yourself a sub to this and experience it for yourself! It is worth it believe me 🙂 Cheers to Proofcore!
  3. Before the Review just want to say, I have been looking for a REAL cheat for DayZ for years, I finally found it, first of all thank you ProofCore for this absolutely INCREDIBLE cheese If you are hesitating to buy it, don't hesitate any longer, $70 per month is really very little for the quality and safety of this cheese. ESP : 9/10 about the ESP it is good, but not functional with all modded weapons in the game unfortunately.. And I think adding a square ESP than a skeleton would be better for me. Aimbot : 10/10 About the Aimbot, it's just great, you can play legit if you're not too dumb. Misc : .../10 The misc I still doesn't know why he is there? maybe some people use it but not me. Thank You PC for your work. You deserve your money and your community And Thank You for the support on discord just amazing.
  4. Hello I'm cheating on the Z1 for the fourth day and I have to tell you that it's really very good. There are things that can always be improved (which is why I wrote my suggestions for developing this code), but even without these changes, this code is just amazing. I had the pleasure to play this game myself. But only now I feel great joy. I don't necessarily play under the win, I just want to shoot and the proofcoore lets me do it without any problems. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the whole society, especially support +, does a good job and is always willing to help. Proofcore provides safe and undetectable help in our gameplay. I recommend to everyone. If anyone has problems with setting something up, please give me a DM or ping on our discord. I have the same nick as on the forum. I'd be happy to assist!
  5. Overview For the past month, I have been using ProofCore's DayZ cheat. I had used other providers before, with mixed results, mostly being left with a ban and disappointment. I decided to finally apply for ProofCore, and let me say, I was blown away. From an active discord, to helpful support, you get the feel that everyone cares. With that, let's get into it. Note: Heavy use on both modded and official servers Silent Aim 9/10. The silent aim feature works well, given a few complications I have noticed. For those confused how silent aim works: You hold down a pre-selected button, and a circle will show up in the middle of the screen. If you aim at a player or zombie, it will highlight their name. Depending on the lock, if you click, it will teleport the bullet from your gun into either their head or leg. A lot of times, if you or another player is an a certain type of building, like concrete, the bullets will not always pass. This is also true with being in proximity and aiming towards said wall. While this does happen on occasion, it is rare. I loved how it also had a leg lock feature, making it easier to knock players unconscious vs a straight headshot kill. I've used this on both community and official servers without fault. Sidenote: IF YOU PLAY DEATHMATCH BE CAREFUL. It is extremely easy to accidentally kill 2-3+ people all at once with silent aim, which can draw suspicion from admins. I accidentally headshotted 3 people in 1 second with a pistol, so be careful haha. Item ESP 10/10. First off, the esp covers about every item you could find in the game. You are able to select custom colors for items, making it easy to differentiate guns from handcuffs. Vehicles are also included within the ESP, under their own category. The major drawback with the esp, is that when you have it all activated at once, it carries a high bluescreen potential. When I play, I usually just use the weapon, ammo, and food options. I found that in major cities, enabling misc can cause a lot of lag, and potentially lead to crashes, if you use it in combination with other esp. This is due to the sheer amount of items considered "misc," giving the cheat a lot to process. I'd suggest turning off zombie esp and other item esp, in major citites, if your pc has been prone to bluescreening. Location ESP is also included, and shows the names and locations of all major map points. Player/Zombie ESP 8/10. The player ESP is very good and very in depth, but that does not mean there aren't a few drawbacks. You have the option to visualize player name, skeleton, and distance. The range of the esp seems to be between 1-1.1k meters. If a player is holding a weapon, it will be named in yellow directly under their player name. This is awesome, as it allows you to see which players could be dangerous, and decide to make an interaction with them based off of that. I've ran into a few issues with player esp on high volume servers. The esp can be a frame or two behind the game, which can be annoying at times, but does not happen often. There have been three times where skeletons have been a whole body length off, but other than that, it works great. The zombie esp allows for name, skeleton, and distance. NOTE: From experience, I suggest only running zombie distance. On high volume servers, a LOT of zombies spawn, like a LOT. The skeletons of all the zombies is EXTREMELY strenuous on memory and the game. This makes bluecreening a lot more common. Speedhack 9/10. I feel like not a lot has been written about the speedhack, which was confusing to learn at first. Many people wonder the ban rate, and how to use it. To use the speedhack, you need to have launched DayZ (NOT THE SERVER LOADER, THE ACTUAL CLIENT), and from the menu, you select the speed you want (1-20x), and click enable. Your character should then be noticeably hyperventilating on your screen. From there, you load into the server. Gotta say, it works great and as intended. The only drawback is that when you get into the higher speeds, interacting with the gameworld becomes... difficult to impossible. Opening doors is near impossible, and there are some occasional issues within the inventory and using weapons. Be careful, because if you have a full mag in a gun and click, you'll probably empty it with just that click. To disable speedhack, leave the server, slide the value back down to 1, and uncheck the box. IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone always asks about the ban factor with speedhack. I have played for 30 days literally flying around servers between locations. I have also used the 20x speed on some of the most well-known and regulated modded servers, without issue. As long as you don't fly around and murder everyone, and stay off the beaten path, you'll be fine. I only ever used the hack to travel between far locations, trying to stay out of the way of players. I have not been banned on any official or modded servers yet. It is safe to use, but just be extra careful on popular community servers. Bluescreen of Death Probably everyone's favorite topic. Unfortunately, until I found my own workarounds, I dealt with this quite frequently. I use an Acer Predator laptop, and I'm sure all of our hardware runs the cheat slightly different, here is what I can advise. 1) You are more likely to bluescreen on servers with high-full player volume. 2) You are more likely to bluescreen running a heavy esp load, especially in city environments. 3) For zombies, only use the distance, the amount of zombies that can spawn all at once has sometimes made my PC crash. 4) ONLY USE ESSENTIAL ITEM ESP, and if you want to see attachments or misc, turn off all other esp first. My usual esp setup: Item esp - name, distance, weapons, ammo. Player esp - name, distance, skeleton Zombie esp - distance Location esp enabled Vehicles disabled Animals disabled - This works for me in high-volume servers, and I can usually play for hours without issue. You really have to play it by ear and switch esp on and off in different situations. Figure out what works best for you. Other DayZ Cheats Story time: I was playing the other day with my younger brother, as he just decided to buy the game. With this cheat, I was able to provide him with a really fun and action-packed experience with the game... one which wouldn't have been possible without proofcore. About an hour into this session, I noticed something interesting. Some dude with all X's for a name was speedhacking and heading straight for my direction. Dude was fully geared out and started throwing shots. With a simple button press, that threat got ended before he even knew what happened. I have ran into 4 other hackers in this game, and proofcore has, for a lack of better words, shit on them EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am greatful for my time using the DayZ cheat, and I know that I will be back in the future. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. First of all, this is my first DayZ hack I've used! I've had the hack for a month. It works great! Unfortunately you cannot hide the menu, but this does not really affect it. PLAYER ESP: 9/10 The Player ESP works as it should, it shows players who are about 1000 meters away. All players were always shown. It shows the skeleton and which item the player holds in his hand and of course the distance to the player. What you can add: Health-Bar and Nametags. ITEM ESP: 7/10 The Item-ESP also works as it should. All items are displayed, you can choose from different categories. The different categories are divided into different colors, so that one can distinguish them more easily. But a big problem are the big cities. So many items are displayed that it is very difficult to find the item you are looking for. What you can add: Item-Filter OTHER ESP (ZOMBIES, CARS, ANIMALS, HELICRASHES...): 10/10 The Monster ESP works perfectly. It shows zombies within a kilometer. The animal ESP is also the car ESP. Helicrash ESP works just as well MURDERMODE/SILENTAIM: 9/10: The Murdermode/Silentaim is really great at a distance of +30 meters! You can kill a fully equipped player with a pistol with one bullet, even at a distance of 1000 meters. You can also kill zombies with it. Within 30 meters it is sometimes difficult to kill someone. Even with a scope, sometimes it's hard to hit someone. BAN, UPTIME, ETC..: 10/10 The Hack was never detected during the time I was using it. I dont noticed any downtime. I wasn't banned except by a few servers, but that was my fault ? The price is okay, but there should be some new features for the ITEM- and PLAYER-EPS My last words: In general, a very good hack, with minor flaws. But I think that will be fixed in the near future. There were a few crashes in the first few weeks, but they never came back. Thanks for the great hack. And I am looking forward to further nice experiences. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hello everyone, I am Enigma and recently I decided to post a cheating video and review I made for ISS. I didn't rage hack much, but I used most all of the features that were working at the time and had a blast! ESP 10/10 The Esp for this is definitely flawless, the boxes are clear the health and visibility is superb and I do not have a single complaint. Aim-bot 9/10 As far as the aimbot goes, this game involves a lot of walls and barriers so its hard to tell exactly how accurate your bullets hit but as u can see form my video down below, the aimbot is phenomenal as well. There are only very very times when it does not instantly kill, which is why I rated 9/10. Weapon Modifications 9/10 The only reason this is getting a 9/10 was because of how it was producing small crashes before Darky updated the cheat. Now that it updated though, I have been using no recoil, muzzle velocity, no sway and spread and its been working very well. Definitely helps with the stability of aimbot when these features are working! Teleport 10/10 Although I did not include teleport in my video as I didn't want to be to ragey, I used it several times and it works flawlessly. Many of these features did not work before Darky updated it two days ago. Now all of these features are working great and very fun to use if you like rage hacking! Overall 10/10 After the minor bugs and crashes got sorted out, I loved using this cheat. Now that the crashes have gone away I actually like playing Insurgency I found that its a pretty fun game. The cheat is very well coded and I have used it for a week now with no bans whatsoever. I haven't been reported in game as I can tell and I definitely use aim bot every game. To any player that loves fps shooter style games paired with hold and defend games this game and cheat is definitely for you. Please watch my video down below and tell me honest feedback of what you think this is my first YouTube video I have made in a long time and especially for a cheat, therefore all constructive feedback is necessary and welcome!
  8. After using the DayZ cheat for a solid 6hrs or so, I feel comfortable saying that it is very nice and stable! The ESP works like a charm! I have yet to use the murder mode simply because I do not want to be banned. So far I have not noticed any impact of the cheat on performance! The game only stuttered when loading in a large amount of loot items. I have not been banned by any custom server admins and it definitely is not detected by BattleEye! Aside from all that the price is reasonable and the support is great. First of all the responsiveness on the forums and also the Discord server is outstandingly fast! The purchasing process was very simple and decently fast with the only thing taking a long time being the block chain verification. And on top of all that everything is explained on the forums, whether it be through a support ticket, FAQ, or instruction post....if you're having a problem, someone has most likely had that problem before and there is a resolution posted somewhere or the admins can help your over Discord. Overall I give the entire service a 8.5/10 - the only thing I was disappointed about was the HWID spoofer being down at the time of my using. ?

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