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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I saw in the description of the manual that your cheat supports Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 21H2, but I found a thread, with a question about support for PUBG version 22H2, it says that PUBG supports 22H2, is it true or I need to roll my system back to 21H2?
  2. Hi. Since there there is huge banwave in mwIII cheat scene, and my providers got affected, im thinking about to join proofcore community. So i have some questions 1. Is there visibility check option in proofcore ESP cheat (f.e. different frame colors for visible and invsible targets)? It's very usefull if you trying to play "legit" 2. Can i switch between diffrerent cheat configs (and keyboard shorcuts for it)? 3. Are there "humanization" settings for aim bot? (dead zone, target switch delay option ect) 4. What do you mean by "Links to your profiles on other hacking-related websites" in application faq? Should i provide my profiles from other providers sites, or just "normal" hackings sites like elitepvpers or unknowncheats? And exactly what kind of data You need? I thinik thats all i wanted to know for now. best regards!
  3. Good Morning, is it possible to request a Lifetime subscription of PUBG cheats please? Thank you so much
  4. 如题,今天刚买的,然后下载登录,登录的时候说我没有被授权使用此账户,在论坛开了帖子也没人理,discord也找不到人。 有没有大佬知道这是咋回事?

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