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  1. Please read Overall 8/10 This cheat is amazing in my opinion. considering alot of other providers are scamming and reselling the same cheat and just getting global banned. Only thing that makes me upset is there is no script executor!!! Or anything actually being added from the future feature list Everything works amazing you can see the colors if a person is a civ cop or medic. You pay for what you want $44 is alot for a week but it is way worth it. The fact that this is undetected and ive been using it for 2 weeks blows my mind. But I wish there was a mod menu you guys pre made for us. There would be alot more sales if you guys actually looked into updating the cheat. Like adding money or unlimited ammo ESP 8/10 The esp is amazing I can see players from everywhere. I seen alot of people saying the esp doesn't work if your playing an altis life server or whatever server make sure that distance is up and so is the one in the arma 3 settings, The esp also lets you choose to see what cars, planes, heli, etc fly by. And it even gives the name of the car. Im just really upset because this is a great cheat and could get more sales if esp can detect the player names in the car or out. Or a visibility check would be nice. Like these cheat has such great potential and people will pay extra for things like this I promise youll see more sales. Also a item esp would be great and if you can actually see there names in cars or on ground. Or maybe a skeleton esp. Really need the item esp Murder MODE 9/10 The murdermode is amazing you can change the fov of the bullets and it will hit no matter what no complaints. I play altis life alot and it works great. Nothing suspect I barely use it too reduce my ban chances but thats on you. In conclusion I wish the developer would just take more time out his day with this cheat i understand hes proabably not a arma 3 fan thats why there not much features or menus just a simple menu thats works great. But if you guys were too add a better gui with more options it would be a life saver. You guys are truly one of the legit companies.
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