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  1. "i simply put my personal opinion in the overall review" so should you not have titled that as "my personal opinion" then? Rather than "overall review" as is that not supposed to cover everything you reviewed? however you dismissed the 2 good reviews you gave the 2 features you reviewed and just waffled about the how the amount of features provided doesn't justify the price. How would just reviewing the functionality of the features render the review section redundant? how is a review that has become biased due to you being so focused on lack of features any worse than a biased review saying its all great by the devs any different? also maybe take a moment to reflect about how salty you got about my review of your review, something that took you very little effort or time and just think how the devs feel that you gave there hours if not days of hard work an overall rating of 4/10.
  2. you should stick to reviewing the features rather than your personal opinion on its value for money as the features are advertised before you purchase so im pretty sure people can make their own opinion on whether its worth it or not before buying, plus you have based your entire review of "value for money" on the features provided and dismissed the factors that made you purchase it in the first place availability, exclusivity, reliability and security.
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