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  1. OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 - Couldn't ask for more in my opinion. AIMBOT: 9/10 - Has very great functions such as smooth and even silent aim, overall the aimbot is for sure a 9/10. The smooth is perfect for legit cheating and can barely be noticed with the correct settings. - The head & arm lock are both great functions to have and once again work perfect, along with the visible FOV slider with zero complaint works as intended. - The silent aim works like silent aim would but has gun model distortion. VISUALS: 9.5/10 The ESP is very reliable and has also great options such as health, box, name, distance. The only complaint is sometimes the ESP is not always smooth, bit of stutters but other times is perfectly smooth. (Does not affect the overall reliability and can still be used very well, may even be my own system or when too many options on visuals are marked.) MISC: 10/10 The recoil option is perfect for legit cheating and I've loved the option since I've used this cheat. Spread works fantastically and is ready for laser tag when rage cheating. Oh and if you wanna compete in formula one, the speed hack sure does get you there! STABILITY/DETECTION/PRICE: 9/10 - Stability is quite good but sometimes come across issue's such as BSOD or the cheat being on the wrong display. (You can find fixes for these on the forums support page pretty easily though.) - Can't say how many times I thought I'd be banned but have a account in perfect standing still. - The price is something you just can't beat with this cheat, other's like to ask for $150 or more and end up with detection. My conclusion overall is the cheat works fantastically well, the support and price is just simply great. Definitely the best cheat I've ever used while cheating on R6S.
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