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  1. My apologies didn't realize that a review on product had guidelines. I reviewed what came in the cheat and described how well they are put together and how well they work, i simply put my personal opinion in the overall review and what i think of the cheat and its price, after all a review is how i view the cheat after my experience with it. What other people think of it differs from mine, not everyone would like it, and not everyone would dislike it. As they say, "To each their own," there is nothing wrong with my review and i stand behind it. Also, whats the point in having a review section for all the cheats if "the features are advertised before you purchase so i'm pretty sure people can make their own opinion on whether its worth it or not before buying." If that were the case the review section is redundant. If the people buying the cheat have any common sense, then its smart to check out the review of other people who have purchased the cheats before deciding on throwing a hundred dollars at some site on the internet, since the seller (which is also the developers) would be biased about the product they spent countless hours developing, they wouldn't diss their own creation cause they are proud of their work.
  2. I was fully aware of what features came with the cheat when I bought it, and this is just about the only private cheat that isn’t constantly down that I’ve been able to find. While in my opinion that it’s valued to high for what it offers, I’ll take what I can get. Although I’m not completely satisfied, it does the job and that’s what I need, never said it was a bad cheat, just that it was a bit steep on the price for what it’s got
  3. DEAD SIDE I knew nothing of this game until i saw the cheat was released on this website, but man am i glad i know about it now. This game is so very promising and will be on my radar for the next coming months while it is continued to be developed. Currently in early access and no game breaking bugs that i have experienced so far but with a lot of hours of game play to be had even in its current stage of development. This could be bigger than dayz when it reaches its 1.0 version and is released. CHEAT FEATURES PLAYER ESP BANDIT & CANNIBAL ESP ITEM ESP AIM BOT NO RECOIL REDUCED SWAY INSTANT HIT NO SPREAD SPEEDHACK ESP - 9/10 The esp for this cheat is great, while you cant customize it, it covers everything you could possibly want to see in the game. From players to a fucking hammer, its got it highlighted and visible. The range on the esp is also great, 350 ish meters is a huge radius in this game and allows you to constantly be aware of who and whats around you. AIM BOT / MISC WEAPON CONTROL 7/10 The aim bot works great, only downside is the smoothing function, because if a player is moving you wont hit them with the aim bot, but if they're standing still, they're dead as a door nail. The misc weapon control functions (No recoil, No spread, Reduced sway, and instant hit.) Work perfectly, no issues with them at all. It makes the game a point and click shooter which is what you wanted when you purchase a cheat like this. SPEED HACK 9/10 The speed hack function is a beautiful feature that comes with the cheat, allowing you to move 2.5x your normal speed. This makes playing solo even that much easier when you're able to kill one person in a group and run off and get behind the other before they even have time to react to your first kill. This is personally my second favorite function (just after the misc weapon controls) in this whole cheat. It makes wiping a whole squad so much fun, watching them panic with the esp as their friend's die one by one, its beautiful, and truly brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart to toy with them. OVERALL RATING - 10/10 This cheat is fucking phenomenal, being priced at 20 bucks a month is a godsend for this cheat and a true deal. All the features in this cheat combine to make for a wonderfully fun time. It gives you the feeling of being the apex predator hunting your prey and it is exactly what i look for when i purchase a cheat. Looking forward to playing this game, with this cheat as it is further developed. Cant wait to see what the devs have for rust, because when the rust cheat comes out, that's my next purchase.
  4. Arma 3 One of my favorite games so far that i have purchased and played in my 10 years on steam. And after about 1500 hours on the game, it gets a bit stale if you only like playing altis life. So what do you do? you buy hacks to spice it up a bit. Here's my opinion of the cheat that PROOFCORE has provided. ESP - 6/10 So far ive played the game for about 30 ish hours with the proofcore cheat and the esp isnt bad, its decent actually. But the lack of customization is its biggest draw back, the player esp is decent, 1000m is a very good radius to detect people. But the names dont work, you cant see the player name like you can in their deadside cheat that ill be covering later. And in altis life thats a much needed feature, now if youre playing KOTH or some other team based PVP mode, then this doesnt matter because you can tell whos who by the color of the box, and its great. But for altis its lacking. Also, no bone esp, not too too important but would be a nice quality of life feature. Now for the vehicle esp, i personally do not like it, 300m is a horrible distance to detect vehicles (Keep in mind this is all from my experience in the altis life gamemode) If youre trying to be sneaky you cant detect people 1000m out if theyre in their vehicle which is a horrible blind side to this cheat. Murder Mode - 10/10 This feature works fucking amazingly, ive had so much fun with it and never had an issue, only issue is, it is incredibly hard to try and seem legit with this. But the feature works amazingly and im happy to see you can change the murder mode key. Overall Rating - 4/10 The cheat is severely lacking features to be valued at 100 dollars, no form of aim bot to try and seem legit, no misc options such as no recoil, no stamina, reduced sway, the dead side cheat has more features and is quite good in comparison to this and that cheat has been out for under a week. The features that this cheat does have, while some are flawed, they work and serve their purpose like they were intended. The reason this cheat has such a low rating in my eyes because of how lacking in features it is for its price. while yes its a very reliable cheat and is up almost all the time, like ive stated before, it lacks features.
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