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  1. Hi guys, I thought that to reduce the waiting time for the loader, we could tell each other some funny cheat stories, pictures from games, videos etc.. 5 years ago, when i played with my mate Arma 2 OA: DayZ mod on one Russian server, where we were playing 3 weeks we were target of russian hacker, that killed us everytime (15 times an hour).. So i got rage and downloaded some cheats and there was option to NUCLEAR ATTACK on Chernarus, i didnt know, what it is, so i click on it XDDD In that moment, everything were in flames and everyoney died Server crashed and i got BE global ban and i've never seen this server again
  2. I cant use recovery, because i have this build more than 30 days, so maybe i need to do it with ISO.. Oh, i see you answer. LOL, my bad! If they give me instructions, so it will be okay!
  3. Thanks mate, as i said, i want it just for ESP, nothing else Play unobtrusively (not like a retard) With downgrade it will be problem, shit
  4. Hello dear stuff, i have some questions: 1) I want hack especialy for ESP and modded servers has special items (raid hammer, raid saw etc.), can i set up in hack to finding this items? 2) Any evidence of bans with this hack? I heard that this hack is detected and other bullshit, so i want only verify that! 3) Now is DayZ Hack out of stock, so it is updating and after it will be okay, i can just buy it? Am i right? 4) I have build 1909 and there is supported OS only 1809-1903, what to do? Downgrade? Thank you!
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