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  1. Hey sp3cpk, our cheat doesn't spoof your HWID but we do have a tutorial on how to evade HWID bans. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
  2. Just apply and you will see. There are cases where the mental age is higher than the actual one.
  3. Just don’t use any cheat on an account you can’t afford to loose. It depends on whether the cheat was already detected when you used it or not. Nobody knows how long they are waiting to start a ban wave after they detected our cheat.
  4. Ihr könnt gerne irgendeinen Discord von euch posten. Allerdings bitte nichts in unserem Namen. Also nennt es von mit aus "Deutsche Hacker Gruppe" oder irgendetwas in der Richtung.
  5. Stick to your application thread. /Closed
  6. Why do you want to use a non activated version?
  7. Your review is totally fine. We aren't saying anybody how his review has to be written as long as it is constructive.
  8. Yes, our cheats supports the infiSTAR anti-cheat. I've never played on these servers but I don't know any reason it shouldn't work there as well.
  9. Hey meximus, unfortunately our cheat doesn't have a variable editor. I have never experienced any issues with the MurderMode but I don't know if it bypasses any bullet speed checks. A full feature list can be found here. Sincerely, Koerperklaus
  10. Geht darum dass diese Programme zum Absturz des hacks oder des computers führen können wenn sie zusammen mit dem hack laufen. Aber wie gesagt habs noch nie getestet.
  11. Moin, ich würde es jetzt nicht als unbedingt nötig bezeichnen aber je mehr Zeug du im Hintergrund laufen hast, desto mehr potentielle Fehler gibt es halt. Hab’s noch nie getestet aber die Razer Dinger beenden ja glaube Hintergrundprozesse um mehr FPS zu bekommen oder so? Das könnte in der Theorie durchaus zu Problemen führen.
  12. World War Z is just a retarded mixture of L4D2 and Killing Floor 2 imo. It’s quite fun to cheat in that game tho. You should definitely get days
  13. Nice video but awful taste of music x)
  14. Harddisks aren't that expensive nowadays. You don't have to get an ssd.
  15. You could just join our discord.
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