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  1. You answered my question perfectly! Thank you so much for the information! Im looking forward to my purchase
  2. Oh snap thank you! i didnt get a notification too it and lost the page on the site!
  3. Hey there...Chat!? Im new to cheating and have never cheated before. Im waiting for verification rn but im considering current The R6 Package. I dont really know what to expect and am curious if there are "pre-set" setting you fellow r6 players use to keep your name off the ban wave. Im looking to go without a ban and be discrete as possible and just using the ESP boxes. Is the only way people receive bans from actual player reports from fair fight, being too obvious or will the anti cheat just catch on over time and im destined to be banned? Is it simple to toggle on and off settings or do you have to use all the cheats? I was just curious on what to expect from using these cheats before i buy. Thank you again! -ANoobCheater
  4. I just applied for verification, Ive never used cheats before so im curious on how easy it is to get into it. And are you able to be discrete with it? Like using only the Box outlines and not aimbot ect. (toggles) Looking to avoid any possible bans if i can by looking legit as possible without being legit lol
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